Sunday, March 1, 2009

It has been a long time coming...

In retrospect, there have been numerous times when I should have been inspired to start a blog. Comments by familiars and strangers alike expressing a desire to be able to do things I do, but it never really clicked until yesterday when I was at the framing store. I was pulling colors of mat options trying to see what would work best with my husband's Hemingway memorabilia poster and this woman waiting beside me said, "I wish I could be as sure about colors as you." Hmmm...

Considering I rarely give it a second thought, I mulled this over all day. Sad to say, I was conflicted if I should have offered my assistance to the fellow customer who seemed intimidated by the options and who I had overheard being taken by the sales person for an expensive frame that probably wasn't necessary to her goal. On one hand, I didn't want to be pushy and yet on the other hand, I might have been able to save her considerable money and made her a happy customer.

So, in the upcoming blogs, it will be my intention to try and impart how I look at things in an effort to maybe give others a different perspective. I do not want to limit the exchange of knowledge to just color or decorating, so don't be surprised if you find music recommendations, clothing suggestions or even recipes on here. Few of us are one dimensional and I feel it is a combination of those dimensions that fuel us and they don't have to be categorized.

Here is my email. I would love questions, your own ideas and/or comments.

luv, L.

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