Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Newest thrift store haul

Hello, friends,

Sorry it has been so long. I have been caught up in scrapping for some swaps I joined and was in Arizona for about a week. Excuses, excuses, I know. So here is my treasures from my most recent thrift store haul and my most recent layout which I am extremely proud of. I have to admit that it started out as a layout dedicated to my face cream, but once I saw the direction it was going, I decided it was too pretty to have such a silly subject. Luckily I had this photo of my little cousin sitting on my desk and it worked perfectly.

I love this green dish. It was really dirty but I scrubbed it and now use it to hold items on my scrap desk. It has markings on the bottom so it might be worth something, but I don't really care because it is pretty  to me. The "H" monogram plate was a great find. Working with my mom to re-do a bedroom in an old Hollywood feel and her last name begins with H and we are using tiffany blues, pinks and silvers for the colors, so this is now wall art. The buttons!! I purchased this with every intention of cutting all of the buttons of the board to use for scrapping, but someone spent a serious amount of effort to make this. They hand sewed each of those bad boys onto the backer board and some of those buttons have 8 holes! It WAS at the thrift store and I have every intention of using the buttons and the frame, so that makes me feel better about destroying it, but it is still sitting on the floor of the craft room. Each time I come near it with scissors, I end up putting it down and saying, "Later." The funky little orange flower pot is now just three flowers cut from their wire stems. They are resin, I think, and backed with this super retro material. Even cooler, they fit perfectly on the lid of a Frappucino bottle. What does that matter? Well, I have an idea for Christmas gifts that includes said bottles and these will add the perfect pizazz. 

I love this page. It is really an example of me coming into my own. There are elements and techniques on this LO that I didn't even know about a year ago. It makes me excited to look at it. Funny little side note, the snail, butterflies and glittery flower are all stickers. Too bad I figured that out AFTER I had glued them onto the cardstock. Proof you should always read the packaging first!

luv, L.

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