Sunday, May 31, 2009

What I have been up to...

So I am sure it seems like I haven't been around lately, but I promise I have been busy! Here are some shots of things I have done or picked up in my thrift store quests.

This last photo is of two silk lei's I purchased at Goodwill. I have probably seen a million of these and overlooked them, but suddenly I saw them for what they were, flowers for scrapbook LOs. I cut the string and put them in pretty bottles on top of my storage shelf. I paid $.25-$1.00 for each of these and got a bunch of flowers in return. The hot pink one was really nice flowers, while the navy and the multi were of less quality. Just goes to show that you have to think twice about everything because there may be a different purpose for it.


  1. Love the Paris LO - Lora! So pretty!

  2. You do beautiful work! TFS!

  3. love your work and love thrift shops...wish I could find more here in CT
    p.s. you saved a lot buyin the lei's...