Thursday, September 17, 2009

You have GOT to be kidding me!!!???!!

(Heavy sigh) Anyone ever clean Woolite off of a ceramic tile floor? Just curious, because stepping into my now very nice smelling kitchen would be risking your life. I started laundry and somehow, even though it was on the shelf at the top and the washer isn't "touching" the shelf, the bottle of Woolite decided to take a nose dive off and break, spilling the contents ALL OVER THE KITCHEN FLOOR! I had Woolite Lake. I mopped up as much as I could with towels, but it is like black ice in there. It looks okay, until you step on it and then you are doing a triple lutz that would make Michelle Kwan jealous.

I had every intention of deep cleaning the house today and tomorrow, but I really didn't need this kind of assistance. Oh, and this is the second time that the Woolite bottle and I have had a run in. The first one was the day I bought it and it slipped out of my hands in the parking lot. When I saw it floating in it's contents in the middle of my floor, I really wanted to throw it. Hard.

I just want to know, does this kind of stuff only happen to me?


  1. Sure hope you got things cleaned up...what a story!

  2. have you tried distilled vinegar? Pour it on, mop it up, and keep doing it until the residue is gone. It works for spilled dish soap. You can also try using Oil Dry or Cat litter, pour directly over spill the clay will absorb and then just sweep up the mess into a garbage can. I suppose that works best on Woolite Lake and not the Black Ice. I also heard that baking soda works nicely too. Hope these help.