Friday, January 22, 2010

Wish I could actually find this sign.

I love it, especially what looks like bullet holes in it. That is such character and it would look le fab hanging in The Squirrel Hole, but it looks great here too. And I have to thank Miss Susan of Susan's Little Scraps for giving me this award. The deal is that I have to come up with a list of ten honest things about me. So here goes...

1. I HATE, HATE, HATE misspellings, especially when there is a misspelling while someone is trying to insult or prove their superior knowledge.
2. Double standards and being inconsiderate of those around you are probably my two biggest peeves of all time.
3. One of my favorite sayings is, "Poor planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine." And I readily apply that to myself if the circumstance calls for it.
4. I did not wear sweats or any sweats-like pants in public until one time my senior year of high school. I was so uncomfortable in them all day, I never did it again to school and STILL have a hard time wearing them in public.
5. I wait until it is almost a unibrow before I pluck. I find plucking very tedious.
6. My favorite feature is my eyes. I am actually pretty cocky about them.
7. I am not confident about my skin. I hate my skin.
8. I am also not confident about my chest size. I have always thought it was lacking and still sometimes do.
9. I would LOVE to be a movie or t.v. star or a professional singer. I think I would be good at any or all of it.
10. I have high expectations of others, which often causes me to be let down. Not because they can't live up to the expectations, but because I don't verbalize them, I just expect the other person to know what I expect of them.

Okay, so there it is, Raw Lora. I am probably better cooked to medium at least, but this is honest. Now I am supposed to pass this onto three others whose blogs I find inspiring and/or your content is brilliant. I am calling out Carol, Robyn, and Melissa. Lay it bare, girls.


  1. Love it Lora! Thanks for playing along. And number three shall be my new philosophy!

  2. Hi Lora! Raw Lora! Interesting facts!! I can imagine you on TV, because you seem to have an amazing and very outgoing personality with lots of character! I need to think about this!! Thanks for the award!! :)

  3. I love that poor planning comment, Lora. I have to remember that but I think it might get me fired with the way they are always coming at me with last minute stuff. LOL

  4. Ha! You got me instead. I will comment on spelling and the fact that there are no spell checks on any comment format I ever touched. That drives me crazy! I write fast, proof faster, and post comments and then find my errors. I never ever use words to prove my superior knowledge because I don't feel my knowledge is superior. Even with college degrees, I feel my common sense is more superior and I have enough common sense to know that you don't up yourself on that! #2. Agree. #3 Like it, will have to consider using that in certain situations. #4. Love love love sweats.#5, pluck only when I remember it. See common sense and subtract 10 points for not recalling plucking like I should. #6. Like my eyes also. #7. Grew up in the south,suntanning, so at 48 skin is ok, but wish I knew what they know now about suntanning. #8 Never a problem, in fact, after having the baby/breast feeding, prefer the real compact me:) #9, always wanted to be a rock n roll singer, but lacked the voice, want to be an artist/writer and better yet, a remembered friend, mother, wife, daughter, sister. #10 Yes, expectations, or dare I say, I'm highly sensitive and believe others think like I do, and realize sadly, that they do not. I stand strong for children, underdogs, elderly, etc... and will go to bat if anyone dares to attack in anyway against them. I'm a cross between Mother Teresa and a Rottweiller.
    And I will state,that when I meet you, one day, we will have a Jim Dandy of a time hitting the thrift stores, garage sales, curb diving and scrapping.
    P.S. If you find a sign like that, make sure they have two, one for me!
    p.s.s. if you find any grammatical or spelling errors, please get over it!

  5. Well you said nothing to scare me away and I agree with many of them!! Great minds ;)! Now is that Melissa me?

  6. Lora, I enjoyed reading more about you!! It was brave of you to be so honest, thanks for sharing!!!

  7. What a fun exercise! Love your list!