Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Slowly crawling back

So, while I have nothing newly created to post, I did happen to have a heck of a score at Tuesday Morning today. I swore I wasn't buying anything until the end of the month, but as I went to drop off the huge donation of what my hubby lovingly refers to as "crap" at the Goodwill today, a little voice screamed, "HEY! We haven't been to Tuesday Morning since before Christmas." My personal Jiminy Cricket told the  Screamer to shut the *bleep* up, that we didn't have time or funds for a stop at Tuesday Morning. Well, sorry to say, but Mr. Cricket was headlocked into submission and I found myself in the aisle of scrapbooking possibility discovering the best score I have come across since I went to the Stampin Up demonstrator's yard sale. I got a ribbon storage system for $8, two really neat kits for $10 each, AND two kits of 9000 pieces of Cosmo Cricket goodies for $15! That is not a typo, there really is nine thousand pieces and they both were only $15. I was even really good and one of them is a Christmas gift. (That is two people crossed off the list and it is only February!!! Woot-woot!)

Here is the ribbon storage. The kit included the box, 24 ribbon wrap cards, and 10 or so plastic sleeves of varying size for other small tidbits. I am going to decorate the box of course, but it will be nice to have the ribbon monster contained, or at the very least, nice to have a lid to hide the disarray.

Tomorrow I will put up pictures of the other goodies, but it is late and I still need to shower and make the hubs a sandwich for his lunch.


  1. LOL! I was in TM last week. I knew full well that those Cosmo Cricut boxes were going to be there. I looked at one, even let it take a ride in my cart. But I put it back. :( There was just too much in it thast I didn't think I would use. So anyway - this is great! I get to watch you play with yours! BTW - who makes that ribbon box? It's really nice!

  2. Wow! Sounds like you got some really great deals. Can't wait to see the kits and your ribbon box after your creative hands get a hold of it.