Friday, April 16, 2010

Drop down the Rabbit Hole!

We held our first ever digi day yesterday and I have to say that I thought it a (tea cup) smashing success. Paper Popsicles and Cheeky Radish have 5 challenges going on right now at SNR's Card Universe. These center around that much loved tale of Miss Alice falling into a Wonderland of characters. Each challenge will have a winner and there will be one Grand Prize winner overall. Each challenge you participate in will get your name added into our “virtual mad hatter hat”.  Do all 5 challenges, you get 5 entries, do 1 challenge you get 1 entry….  We will use to pick ourGrand Prize Winner who will receive a 214 Piece Apple Jack Collection Kit, by Sassafras Lass!! (very yummy kit). You have until Monday, April 19 to complete these challenges.

In addition to that, Paper Popsicles offered a Mad Hatter shaped card freebie last night. Create a card using this image and post it here by Friday, April 21 and you may be our Scoop of the Week and featured on the blog! You will find all of the information about how to enter for the challenges and the freebie on that link.

Challenge #1 is Tea for Two: Create a card that has something in twos. For example:

On this card, there are 2 Alice images, 2 ovals, 2 ribbon pull tabs, 2 layers of scallops, and 2 colors of paper. You do not need to add that many pairs, I went a little MAD!!! 

Challenge #2 is Queen of Hearts: Create a card with a NON-VALENTINE heart on it. Seriously, does this Queen strike you as the Valentine type?

Challenge #3 is the Mad Hatter's Challenge!!! And one of my personal favorites. Those of you who know my scrap style will understand this. The challenge is to create a card using at least 5 different colors. 

I took this (nine) steps further and used nine different patterns of paper on my card! Yes, I would fit in nicely in Wonderland, I am sure. Pssstt...THAT is the Hatter's shaped card!!! Now tell me you don't want to play with it?

Challenge #4 is the Cheshire Cat Challenge. Fear not, no need to make your card disappear and reappear, all we ask is that your card have stripes. Something like this awesome card by the talented Lynda.

And, Challenge #5 is Through the Looking Glass, another personal favorite of mine. Your card MUST have bling on it. That's it. Here is my version.

Mr. W. Rabbit is actually behind a piece of plastic that I cut from old packaging to make an actual looking glass.

So, there you have it, our fun challenges and a peek at the really awesome Alice digis available at the store. I hope you play along with us. 


  1. Well look at all of these! All of your projects are just fabulous! Love how you used all the images.

  2. Lora,

    Those are simply adorable. I really love the Queen one. I have MANY of those kind of days!!!