Friday, May 14, 2010

Finding Friday

Look, here it is! Yay! We all made it. Some of us come hauling tush around Wednesday and are sliding into Friday with grass stains on our backsides, but we are all still here. In case you can't tell it is late when I am writing this post and I am kind of loopy. I just finished three cards for Paper Popsicles and am allowing them to dry overnight. I *think* I have learned my lesson with Stickles. Do it and then walk away.

Here is a quick project I want to share with you that I made last night, but also had to wait for them to dry. I found these two ring blanks at Michael's and while I originally had some cooler ideas for them, I couldn't wait to use them, so here they are.
I used scrap paper on both, stickles on the bird, random teeny rhinestones on the other one, and Diamond Glaze as the sealant. I also alcohol inked the "being" ring, though it looks a bit janky because I was trying to do it right after I had D.G.-ed it and I couldn't get the ideal coverage for fear of dripping the D.G. These are two fun and cute little rings that I know I will love wearing. I also have to go get some more blanks for the original ideas. Maybe they sell patience at Michael's too?


  1. Gorgeous! I'll have to look for the ring blanks. Can't wait to see what else you do with them.

  2. Oh these are really great Lora!! I've never seen blank rings like this find!

  3. These are over the moon need an etsy shop-girl. I would wear rings on my finger and bells on my toes if they were as cute as yours! kara