Friday, May 21, 2010

A letter

Dear Friend,

I want to thank you and your girlfriend for continuing to donate your fabulous collections of designer jeans to the local thrift stores for me to purchase for a mere $6.00 a pair. My favorite by far were the Rock and Republic ones with the white threading that I found retailing for $230.00.  If it wasn't for your generous natures, me and my bum would never look so fashionable as there is no way I could possibly justify that kind of money for a pair of jeans, no matter how cute they are. I am very appreciative that you have decided to support your local community with these donations and have encouraged your friend to follow your lead.

Now I hate to sound picky, but I was hoping you could do me a huge favor? Could you please ask your friend, you know the one who is the same size as you and I, only she about three inches shorter than us, to please stop having the legs of her jeans hemmed? See, this really presents a problem for me, the secondary consumer, because I would LOVE to buy them, but floods really are not a good look for me. I would like to suggest that Shorty, (and I mean that in the nicest possible way), could just cuff the legs while the jeans are in her care? As good as my relationship is with my seam ripper, I really am only able to steal a half of an inch back once they have been hemmed for her.

I greatly appreciate your help in this matter and want to again thank you.

Yours truly,

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