Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Giving what we can.

Last night, my darling sister and I were curled up together in the nest watching our favorite show, Glee. It was a very moving holiday related episode where the students tried to raise money and gifts for the local homeless shelter. As they were singing to the faculty for donations, my sis said, "But they probably won't make enough." I turned to her and replied, "If they make enough to give one person a blanket who didn't have one before, it is enough."

It isn't about how much you can give. Every bit counts. A dollar to St. Jude's, a handful of change in the red bucket of the Salvation Army, a can of cat food to your local shelter. It all counts, because it is that much more than they had before you gave. I know in these times, it is harder to feel like we can make a difference, but we can.

Everyone has causes near and dear to their hearts. Mine happen to be children, senior citizens, and animals. I will admit that I am a complete sucker for these three. So when I read the story of Olga, I immediately did what I could. I am going to encourage you to do the same. There is an iPod Touch up for grabs from those who donate, blog, and Facebook this story, all of which I have done.

My challenge to you is that if you donate to Olga, it doesn't matter how much, and let me know that you did either with a comment here or on Facebook and I win the iPod Touch, I will draw a name from those who donated to receive the Touch. As far as I am concerned, I will have already won if we can get Olga adopted.

Also, up for grabs from me is a $20 iTunes gift card. You can get your name into the drawing for it three ways.
1) A donation will equal one chance.
2) Forwarding this on Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter will equal one chance.
3) Blogging about it will equal one chance.

Pay it forward, my friends.

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  1. I had no idea that happens overseas. :( I contributed what I can at the moment to her fund, and I'll be checking it again later when I can. Don't enter me in the drawing, though. It's sweet of you to offer it!