Thursday, March 31, 2011

First, I want to thank everyone for your incredibly touching comments. They brought tears to my eyes and I realized how truly blessed I am to have such an incredible group of beautiful people around me. As for the favorite song question, I appreciate the answers. I LOVE music and I am always looking for new to me songs.

I don't have much to post other than I am almost through Season 1 of "LOST." ;-) Here is the random winner for the giveaway.

Congratulations, Elaine! You were comment #4, (hopefully the widget stays, having some trouble with the silly thing!), so please send me your addy and I will get the box out to you ASAP! Thanks again to everyone who commented.


  1. Congrats, Elaine!
    Lora, you can send that parcel to my addy, as I'm Elaine's official quality control department and need to make sure everything is to her ummmm....satisfaction. After I've pillaged....errrr...perused the contents I'll be sure to sent the parcel on to her..cough*never*coughcough.....

  2. Congrats to Elaine! LOVE LOVE LOVE Lost! I've only got through four seasons though. If you wish to discuss, I'll be sitting here with Thickers in my ears......La La La La La La...I don't hear you. :)