Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tool School- Getting the Basics!

How many times have you looked at a class and it says to bring your "basic tool kit" with you? Ever wondered what exactly is IN a basic tool kit? Well, I have a page here that breaks down my own personal description of the basic tools needed for a class and then some extras that always seem to be a good choice. For the next few weeks, I am going to be picking these items from the list and featuring them on Tool School Tuesday, cause you can't drive the dozer until you learn to man the lawnmower first, right? ;-P Some country girl wisdom there for you.

One of the single most important things that you will put in your tool kit is scissors. Seems like a no brainer, I am sure, but you would be surprised how many classes I have taken and had to share mine, (not that I mind sharing), because the person next to me didn't have a pair. No kidding. My suggestion is make a real basic kit that contains doubles of certain things so you do not have to pull them out to create at home, things such as scissors. Use a coupon and pick up a second pair of your favorite all purpose bad boys and a pair of your favorite fine snippers and leave them in your tool kit. That way you won't have to borrow mine. :)

While I am not very specific as to brands of most things, when it comes to scissors there really is only one choice in my world. The red handled Tim Holtz branded Tonic scissors.

Now, remember kids, Auntie Lora does not get paid for any endorsements, nor has she received free product unless specified. That being said, this is the third pair of these scissors I have owned, the first pair disappeared after a class, (hmmm...), so if Tonic wants to send me some, I certainly wouldn't say no. ;-P

In all seriousness, I have two pairs of these scissors because they are that awesome. I have a pair on my desk and a pair in my kit. I have now tied a blue ribbon to the ones in my kit in an effort to keep them from running off. Why do I love these scissors so much? First, there is this:

Yup, rubberized, pliable handles so there is no extra metal piece putting pressure on your fingers. Love it! Then it comes down to how they function. I have cut wooden dowels, metal necklace links, legs of brads, the little bails on the backs of buttons, cardboard, thread, yarn, and jute with these puppies, then turned around a cut a piece of paper with them. There is no misses, no nicks in the blades, nada. They still work like butter. I would say that 99% of the time while creating, I will reach for these scissors to cut just about anything.

My second choice in scissors is fine tipped pair and I have three pairs of Cutterbee brand fine tipped scissors, one pair that stays in the tool kit and the other two hang out on the desk.

Can you guess which pair belong in the tool kit? I love these scissors because they really can get into the detailed cuts on some of my projects.

While I have found that these work best for me, I am not quite as adamant about them as I am about the above Tonics, but I do strongly suggest having a pair of fine tipped scissors in your kit for those intricate cuts.


  1. I love my Cutter Bees! I also love my Fiskars low tension (orange) scissors. They are great because I have carpal tunnel syndrome.

  2. Love, love, love those Tonics!!! I've got a pair of cutter bees too! Both are great additions to a scrapper's tool kit!