Thursday, August 18, 2011

A mini and a steal!

First let's show the steal. The Hubs came to me a little while back and said those magic words we all want to hear.

"I want you to buy whatever organizational pieces you need to get your scrap studio functional and make sure that you don't cheap out on your pieces. They need to be investment pieces, something we will have for a long time. No more temporary fixes."

Okay, maybe you don't dream of hearing those words, but I certainly did. So in my new quest to organize my space once and for all, (hopefully), I have been looking for pieces that I think will stand the test of time. Like map cabinets or flat files as they are also called.

On the first Sunday of each month there is an antiques show in Alameda. The Hubs and I went and LOOK WHAT WE FOUND!!!

Isn't it awesome! It is from the UC Berkeley labs of the 1960s and has a stainless steel top added. I am going to paint it eventually and put it on castors, but I was so excited to snatch this piece. It was at a huge discount compared to what these go for online new, plus it is old! I immediately filled it with everything from 2 jumbo Clip-It-Ups, all my paints, chipboard letters, and a bunch of other stuff.

Now onto the mini. There are quite a few photos, so bear with me. This is the mini I did for our Independence weekend trip to LA.

Us being complete goobers on the completely cool donkey at Olvera Street.

Mini pocket for the extra bits you tend to gather on vacation.


It was close to 100 degrees the day we went to Hollywood so the shots are having some exposure issues.

There is an almost identical photo of my mom from about 24 years ago.

Ol'Blue Eyes lived in the house on the left and a famous, yet fresh, prince spent time at the one on the right.

The Jim Henson Theater Company, previously owned by Mr. Charlie Chaplin, who is obviously still peeking in to watch over things.

Hollywood High School. Alma Mater of John Ritter, Judy Garland, Carol Burnette, and a bunch of others. The other photo is the entrance that you may recall from "Beverly Hills Cop."

The House of Blues on the left and The Viper Room on the right. A little macabre, but still a part of Hollywood.

Behind us is The El Capitan Theater, fully renovated by Disney. It was phenomenal.

Speaking of Disney, while at The Happiest Place on Earth, we even got to see The Mouse.

It was a driving kind of day.

Club 33. Walt's personal club. Look it up if you are curious, it is an interesting story.

All of my "mistakes" while journaling, which is why I rarely journal.


  1. Are you kidding? What scrapping girl wouldn't dream of her hubby uttering those exact words? Love, love, love your new cabinet! That is soooooo awesome!
    And the mini is amazing....journaling mistakes and all! Such wonderful memories and moments. I love how you two do the whole "tourist thing!"

  2. Love your new piece!! Can't wait to see what else you do with it! I love your mini book too. Of course now you have me wanting sangria and it's waaaaaaaaay too early for that! Have a great day. :-)

  3. What did you do to get your husband to say that? Great find, it's perfect.

  4. If Jon said those words to me I think I might pass out. He seriously needs to get over his fear of buying things that actually last. I have a bookshelf I use to "organize" all my scrapbooking, sewing, book collection, crochet stuff, drawing books, sketch books, art supplies for all the drawing and sketching.... did I mention I have A... as in ONE... bookshelf to do all this with. And I have A LOT of arts and crafts stuff. I also have a desk that maybe is 11x14 inches of desktop space to work on.

    I do know this, when we move out of this place in January I WILL be making a trip to IKEA and to various thrift sales. He says, why don't you start selling some of your artwork. ID LOVE TO DEAR!! If I had any room at all to work.

    Upside, I have another printmaking class (relief this time) and so I will have some time to just chill at the art studio there and create some projects to sell.

    Sigh... husbands.

  5. What a nice find! It looks perfect for shallow-ish items!

    Great mini. Looks like you had such a nice time!