Thursday, July 5, 2012

THE Bag.

You know, as in THE camera bag, the one that needs to hold all the things associated with your camera  that you might need and yet not be the size of a lightweight SUV? I searched for this elusive bag for three years. I had a long list of musts.

1) MUST be able to hold camera with a lens attached and my two other lenses.

2) MUST be able to hold all the "extras" such as tripods, cleaning cloths, extra lens caps, hood, filters.

3) MUST be able to hold the other cameras such as my Instax, P&S, the Diana, the Fisheye, or a combination thereof.

4) MUST be able to fit in the joke of a foot space under an airplane seat.

5) MUST be user-friendly. I am impatient with things that are meant to work a specific way and don't do so easily.

6) MUST be durable.

7) MUST, (and this was probably one of the most important requirements), be cute and not look like a camera bag. No black nylon for me.

I wanted pockets but not so many that I would forget where I put what and be scrambling to find something. I wanted it to be a durable fabric for water protection and for extended use. I, by all means, did NOT WANT BLACK.

There were cute purse-like styles that I thought about. I pondered following a DIY to make my own. Then, I found Cheeky Lime. I can't remember whose blog I saw the Cheeky Lime Classic on first, but I was so excited that I called the Hubs at work to tell him I had finally found THE ONE.

And they were sold out of the Lime Green. :(

So, I emailed them and they said they would be getting more in stock, plus they were getting pink and turquoise too. Wahoo! Now I would have even more choices!

After all of this, I chose:

It was a tough choice but the green just screamed my name. Isn't this the cutest camera bag ever?

And, magically, it fits everything! I am amazed at how much stuff I can put into this little bag.

The inside pockets have velcro on the edges so you can reposition them to fit your needs. Right now there is the Instax, the P&S with the underwater sleeve, the hood for my long lens, the Gorilla-pod, cleaning cloths, filters, an extra lens cap band, the long lens, the portrait lens, and the camera with the normal lens and strap attached. Oh, and the expandable tripod!

There is even room in the top for more little bits and there are four external pockets that you can use to stuff more little bits in if needed. 

I carried this bag as a carry on/purse when we visited Florida in April and I have to tell you, it met all of my expectations. I had money, id, credit cards,phone, etc in it. I think I even managed to put my Kindle in the top and still zip it. It fit perfectly under the seat in front of me and the shoulder strap easily made it a cross body bag when needed. When it rained on us in Key West, I didn't worry about my equipment getting wet either.

I am a sucker for little details. This bag came with a detachable wallet for the inside and a sweet little camera keychain that dangles on the outside. Another thing is the company was great to deal with. My bag arrived in a matter of days.

This bag was worth the wait. It has met all of my expectations and I look forward to many more travels with it as my sidekick.


  1. Wow! What a great bag. I love the turquoise but the other colors are pretty too. Congrats on finding the bag just right for you.

  2. i so need this.... but in red lol.

  3. This bag looks awesome! I'm on the hunt for a good camera bag too. I'll have to check them out. I love how your Instax matches. :)

  4. This is awesome! Maybe instead of finding purses that will fit my ugly camera bag, I need to find one of these pretty bags that will double as a purse.....