Saturday, July 28, 2012

Ikea Experience

I will confess. I am an Ikea shopper. The Hubs and I liked to pretend that we weren't, but then we counted the pieces in the house with Ikea provenance and the number was kind of embarrassing. Let's face it, they offer aesthetically pleasing pieces for budget friendly prices. And when you need as many bookcases as this family needs, budget friendly is important.

It was obvious that our love of books had outgrown our current number of shelves, so I made a plan and headed to Ikea. By myself. I don't normally take the Hubs because, as he readily admits, Ikea is too much for him. It is easier if I go alone.

My first stop is always the stuffy aisle.

We have a love for the Ikea stuffies. Their faces are just too sweet and I can't get out of there without bringing one home.

Meet Bully. He was my shopping companion for the rest of the trip, my yellow bag First Mate.

Next, I head to the textiles. I am such a sucker for this area and Ikea knocked it out of the park. Seriously, look at these pillows!

It was almost too much temptation for me to resist taking one of each home with me and honestly, I am still haunted by the map pillow.

After textiles, it is an easy walk to the art section, another big weakness of mine. I really loved the bird print and at $10, it almost came home to replace an earlier Ikea owl picture, but I was good.

Then this set of Picasso prints caught my eye. I am not a Picasso fan, per se, but his animals are amazing to me. I especially love the flamingo, horse, and dog. I may go back to Ikea and see if they still have this one.

Finally, I meander to the warehouse, where on this trip, I loaded three bookcases onto my cart. By myself.

Yes, I am going to say it again: BY MYSELF. So when I was in line and the little twerp cashier asked me if I needed help out to my car and I replied, "no, thanks, I got it." and his response was an incredulous, "You sure?" I wanted to ask him, "How do you think the boxes arrived on my trolley? Magic? They jumped?"

And, you know what?

Like I said, I got this.
(And it only cost me one stubbed baby toe.)


  1. Those pillows are awesome! We have an Ikea about 10 minutes away and I've never been inside.

  2. I've never been to an Ikea either but it looks like you had a great time and good for you loading those boxes by yourself. Hope your baby toe is ok.

  3. My Ikea is HOURS away. Blegh. We already talked about this trip. So, my comment is just a rant about how far my Ikea is.

  4.'s been so long since I've been to bank account is thankful, but I too am in need of more shelving. Which ones did you get?
    I also don't like asking for help carrying stuff out...I am woman, hear me roar, yada, yada....The last trip I took to Ikea I broke down and did ask for help because after my friend and I stuffed the fully assembled, as-is shelf into Scott's little car, we couldn't get the trunk secured. The poor guy was crawling around under the car trying to find something to tie it down to. And by this time, the store had closed. Oh yeah, when I do play helpless female, I go all out!

  5. I am jealous that you have an Ikea nearby. :) Love those pillows!

  6. Ah my fragile little blossom ... with stems of thorns.