Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Independence Day Fashion

Happy Fourth of July, America!!!

I have to admit that I LOVE red, white, and blue color combos, especially in clothes. I have always been drawn to this look and it is normal for me to have a flag print something in my closet, though at this moment, I don't. Hmm....may have to rectify that.

Today I put together a few outfits that would be good to celebrate 4th of July activities. Mind you, these are just a few of the possibilities that exist in my closets. But, 1) the Hubs came home from his Independence Day massage and 2) I figured that 7 outfit change self portraits was all the crazy the neighbors could handle before they started to worry.

*Sorry for the less than stellar photos. As you may know, I live in the darkest apartment in the world and need to try some other options for timer shots with better lighting.*

BBQ or an evening at the county fair.
(F21 striped lightweight sweater, thrifted Banana Republic boyfriends, thrifted polka dot wedges, blue stone earrings.)

Dressy casual dinner with friends. Seriously, what is more 4th of July than a red sequined top?
(F21 tank, thrifted Ann Taylor linen pants, Sanuk flip flops, rhinestone earrings and bracelet.)

Watching the fireworks at the local high school or hitting the Boardwalk.
(Thrifted American Apparel top, thrifted BR boyfriends, Salt Water sandals, silver loop earrings.)

Shopping and a movie.
(Thrifted Roper denim top, thrifted Levi's jeans, thrifted polka dot wedges, Jessica Simpson red stone heart necklace.)

Beer and baseball or hanging on the beach.
(Thrifted F21 top, F21 shorts, Sanuk flip flops, Superman ball cap, rhinestone hoop earrings.)

Special event.
(Thrifted Loft linen dress, thrifted belt, thrifted Two Lips heels, white chandelier earrings.)

Boat cruise party. Or what I will wear today if the Hubs and I go out this evening.
(Thrifted tee, F21 skirt, thrifted leather belt, Just Fabulous/Iron Fist heels, Betsey Johnson earrings and necklace.)


  1. I ADORE ADORE ADORE your sense of awesome. lol. I texted you my opinions on the outfits. LOVE EM! The last one I may have to add to my closet. I'd add the sequin top too but Is hold wait until the ladies shrink a bit. The world just might not be able to handle all of this *hand gesture to boobs* adorned in flashy red sequins.

    wtf am i saying I don't giving a flying hoot what the world thinks lol.

  2. What a great collection of looks and you look great in all of them. I love the sequin top! I think that's my favorite look but they're all really nice on you.

  3. Love all the outfits but the white dress and the skirt set have to be my favorites! You look awesome!

  4. I'm kind of late, but these are great! :) Which did you end up wearing? I love the last one most!

  5. All very awesome. I'm partial to the linen dress and the skirt set.