Friday, July 27, 2012

The lucky number 3

I have almost used all of the June SC kit. The cohesive collection plus my new scrap space, (photos soon!), have made me feel very creative. 

I used an original wood printer's block for the ampersand and while it isn't as clear as I normally would like, it works for me on this layout.

The first round of hand tying baker's twine. This was more of a pain in the butt than I imagined.

There is that hand tying of twine again! One would think I would learn my lesson. Ha!

This is based on a sketch and color challenge provided by the lovely Kathi


  1. not particularly fan of the hat but I am a fan of the layout. Another fantastic job. I can't wait unit I am properly set up tp scrapbook whenever I damn well please.

  2. I love the tya layout too btw. I like the almost optical illusion given by the pinky orange paper and the mauveish paper. adore the little button lollipop flowers too.

  3. Lots of tying! :) The layouts look great - you're getting so much out of the kits!