Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I LOVE this page

I just did this layout, (actually, started it last night but by 1:00am, I was afraid to glue anything down), and I love how it turned out. It is about my bed and how much I love my bed. Funny thing is, I sketched the layout for this in my notebook and laid it out. Then this morning, I happened to be thumbing through my current issue of Memory Makers and realized that there was a lay out almost IDENTICAL to mine, even including the same "love" sticker. So, now I am not sure if it is a weird stroke of fate or if subconsciously I was channeling the fantastic one by Jaime Warren on pg. 63 of the March/ April '09 issue. I don't remember her layout before this morning, but just in case, I am going to give her a nod since they are really close. So, Jaime, thanks for the inspiration. It is no wonder you are a MM Master.

"I LOVE this place!"- I my bed, Quite likely too much, as it seems I spend too much time in it. It is cozy. I've put a lot of effort into making it so. Being tucked in it is one of my most favorite places. (under the "X" that marks my side of the bed) 

Friday, March 27, 2009


Sorry that I haven't been keeping up with this blog as much as I have intended. I have been so busy looking at other blogs that I haven't made the time to post here. So, I am going to quickly post the most recent layout I have done for scrapbooking and then promise I will be back by Monday with some more interesting things. Have a wonderful weekend!!

"Don't" -(My beautiful sister, I know you want more tattoos. But you are so perfect as you are, you don't need decoration to make you so. & they are forever.)

luv, L. 

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Two new scrapbook layouts

Just wanted to put up a quick post. I completed these two scrapbook layouts today and it is very excited to see them in their finished form. They both started as sketches, the one of my cat was built around a photo I knew I had and the one of my hubby I had to take photos to fit the layout! I am often backwards like that. Hope you enjoy them. I have included the journaling because it always makes me crazy when trying to read others' journaling in magazines or books.

"My Hubby of Color"
"I am so thankful that my husband LOVES color! Since I'm drawn to bright colors, I totally appreciate that Greg's fave is yellow & that he would prefer to stand out in a crowd. He has the confidence, not to mention that fantastic complexion, to pull of almost any color. And I'm glad that his love of color carries over to decorating. I will never have to worry about his reaction if I paint a room orange."
(journaling on orange flower)

"A cat, by any other name, is still a sneaky little furball that barfs on the furniture. -Unknown"

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Just a few quick thoughts on being green..

The topic of being green. It seems that everyone is on this bandwagon today, but it is a good thing to be on. Something I feel like a lot of people don't understand is that being green doesn't necessarily mean you have to drive a hybrid car and grow your own veggies. It means that you should just be conscious of your impact. Being green is accessible to everyone, no matter what your economic situation is.

Here are some things that are green that you might not think about.
1) shopping at yard sales, thrift stores and consignment shops- by purchasing items there instead of the brand new option, you are preventing it from ending up in a landfill and you are avoiding the purchase of a newly manufactured item that would have to be shipped from the factory. Recycling, avoiding landfill, avoiding potentially ozone harming gases for production AND buying local!

2) purchasing antique/estate pieces, especially jewelry!-one of my favorites!! My engagement ring is an estate piece. I insisted on it for a number of reasons, but one of the main ones is that there were no new stones mined in the making of it. That means no further impact on the Earth and I feel (a little bit) better about those who risk their lives in the mines. I love diamonds but the stories from the mines are atrocious. Estate items are often made better, coming from a time when the item was crafted by a skilled tradesman instead of being mass produced. All this goes for furniture as well.

3) purchasing an existing house- this is goes along the same lines as above, but obviously on a much bigger scale. Instead of building new, refurbishing the existing one can have less impact on the environment. Think of all the materials that go into making a new home. Also, think about how well made older homes tend to be. If it is still standing after 100 years, that says something. When refurbishing, think about where you are getting your materials from. If you live in the Pacific Northwest, bringing in cedar from Florida doesn't make as much sense as staying local. 

4) donating items to thrift stores, libraries, schools, elder care, etc.- again, you are attempting to prevent the purchase of something new by offering a perfectly useable item that would otherwise be tossed. 
a) participating or creating a "swap"- I personally love book and clothing swaps. Books take a lot to make, a lot of paper, ink, etc. and going to the library, while a fantastic option, isn't the only way to keep up with reading. Find friends/co-workers who read as much as you do and you will find yourself with more than enough materials. Swaps aren't limited to clothing and books either. Bulk items can be shared, scrapbook or craft items can be swapped, magazines. It is only limited by you.

5) repurposing your stuff- take a second look at the items you are about to give away. Can it be used to serve another need for your household? I need a way to hold my cookbooks on the top of the fridge. My hubby and I went to the store, looked at the options, but none of them were really what I wanted. Suddenly in a flash of enlightenment, I realized we had two bamboo paper trays that we weren't sure what to do with. Now they are sitting on top of my fridge preventing me from a cookbook concussion. Or the wooden shoe shelf that is now serving as a shelving system for the wireless router, cable box and DVD player. 

I hope that this gives you some ideas. Just remember, being green isn't an all or nothing choice, it is just a SOMETHING choice. Make your own impact the best way you can.

luv, L.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

It has been a long time coming...

In retrospect, there have been numerous times when I should have been inspired to start a blog. Comments by familiars and strangers alike expressing a desire to be able to do things I do, but it never really clicked until yesterday when I was at the framing store. I was pulling colors of mat options trying to see what would work best with my husband's Hemingway memorabilia poster and this woman waiting beside me said, "I wish I could be as sure about colors as you." Hmmm...

Considering I rarely give it a second thought, I mulled this over all day. Sad to say, I was conflicted if I should have offered my assistance to the fellow customer who seemed intimidated by the options and who I had overheard being taken by the sales person for an expensive frame that probably wasn't necessary to her goal. On one hand, I didn't want to be pushy and yet on the other hand, I might have been able to save her considerable money and made her a happy customer.

So, in the upcoming blogs, it will be my intention to try and impart how I look at things in an effort to maybe give others a different perspective. I do not want to limit the exchange of knowledge to just color or decorating, so don't be surprised if you find music recommendations, clothing suggestions or even recipes on here. Few of us are one dimensional and I feel it is a combination of those dimensions that fuel us and they don't have to be categorized.

Here is my email. I would love questions, your own ideas and/or comments. little_singing_squirrel@yahoo.com.

luv, L.