Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Floral Abundance

**I will draw the name for the giveaway tomorrow, so if you would like to be part of the drawing please leave a comment on the post below by midnight PST today, 3/29.**

My "For The Record" class is live for those in the Bay Area. Here are the details for sign ups at Scrapbook Territory's blog. This last weekend, I spent catching up with my cousin from Utah, grabbing some creative goodies, and watching Lost with the Hubsters. I know, we are a bit late to the party, but now I get to watch it start to finish without waiting long periods of time.

I also found time to make this wall art. I have had the paper mache heart in the stash for a while and decided it was time to put it to use. I have been itching to use the ginormous bottle caps from the new Maya Road release and this was the perfect place to do it.

Some new twine from Pink Paislee's "Soiree" release, a lot of GCD/Melody Ross from last year's release, Stampin Up! library clips that I am totally in love with, and a LOT of flowers, some Prima, some not. I used Modge Podge for the cover of the heart, the satin finish for the dictionary paper and the fabric for the lace and velvet. I also used the satin for the inside of the bottle cap.

That is a piece of left over sewing pattern paper, misted with Smooch ink, and Modge Podged onto the back. I left it wrinkle for more texture.

This now hangs above my dresser, which I would have taken a picture of it there IF the lighting in this house wasn't so cave-like. It is right next to my three displays of necklaces and it makes me smile when I have to get dressed and inspires me when I am picking out jewelry.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

!!!200 Posts!!!

Holy wow, 200! I know for some who have hit the thousand mark that doesn't seem like much but for me, it is huge.

I am going to showcase a(nother) mini that I recently finished featuring my Grandma. I am sure I have mentioned it, but my Grandma was very much a part of my early life, helping my mom raise me. Grandma's love is something that I will carry for the rest of my life because she is a huge part of who I am today. It took me years after her loss to really look at photos of her or actually allow the memories to sink in. I avoided it for so long because it hurt so bad. I am getting stronger in baby steps and this mini is one of those steps. It took me almost two years to finish this.
I love the photo on the right espcially because it has my Grandma, my mom, and my great-grandma or G.G. in it and all three of these amazing women raised me.
You can't really tell, but in the photo on the left, she is wearing red Keds. I have always had a penchant for red shoes, I wonder if it is hereditary?
My favorite page of the book. These were some of her best colors and I love this senior picture of her. She looks so beautiful. My mom tells the story that while you can't see it, the back of Grandma's hair was dark brown. Such a rebel!

Yep, that is little ole me at about 4. We were in Pismo Beach, I believe. 

This last one was probably the hardest for me in a way. Grandma is standing on a corner in San Francisco. I know exactly where it is and I could be there in less than an hour. But even if I flew, it would be empty...

Just for giggles, I figured I would share what a typical Lora-esque mini looks like from the side. There is no chance of ever getting it to lie flat or close like normal. I never worry about the placement of embellishments, much to my own chagrin at times. And the Siamese cat? Grandma had them for all the years I knew her. I have a very weak spot for those particular persnickety furballs.

Okay, so enough with the sap and onto the giveaway, right? That is why you are really here isn't it? ;P  All kidding aside, I have a USPS box that I have been packing with "extra" supplies. These are things that are perfectly usable, but I know in my heart that I will never use them. I also know for a fact that there are 6 craft books in there. Beyond that, it is anyone's guess. Leave a comment today telling me your favorite song right now and you will be entered. I will draw from the comments next week and contact the winner for their address. I will pay for S&H as long as you are in the U.S. If you are International, I will ask you pay for S&H.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Some people who make my world brighter!

***First! This is my 199th post, so tomorrow will be the big 200! I am going to have a giveaway celebrating it, so be sure to check back!!!***

I just finished an album that Teresa Collins had as a make and take at CHA featuring her new Posh line, which I must admit, is so much fun to play with. I love the hot pink in with the black, white, and grey. I am  certain I am going to have to grab some 12x12 papers from this line to add to the stash. With all these little girls in my life, I have no doubt that these papers will be used again.

Speaking of little girls, I decided that is who I wanted to feature in this mini. It is only 4 pages long and I struggled with what topic I could focus on with only four pages and then it occurred to me that at this moment, there are four little girls in my world right now. I think I get to preoccupied with past events or future plans to just seize today. Right now, these four mini-females make my world a brighter place. I didn't want to forget that.

I will probably add a page for my soon to be born niece, Lily-bee. I used iPhoto to antique the photos, a feature I have wanted to use, but had yet to find the right format. Each page as a fold where I will write a bit about the girl and each page has their initial.

The initial is flocked white and black chipboard, (a part of the stash I am finally tapping into again!), and doesn't fully show up on this page. I will probably add hot pink to it to make it pop.

I also hit a huge score at the local thrift stores today, which hasn't happened in a while. It seemed meant to be as I used exactly the cash I had in my wallet for my purchases.

One of the best was I went to a store that I rarely EVER go to because the parking lot is a pain and I walked in to find the lamp with the bow on it! I had just left the G with the lampshade and they are perfect for each other. The lamp and the scissors were the scores of the day for me.

I have really been into the silver plated piece lately. I plan to put flowers in them throughout the house. I have seen this in Victoria and Romantic Homes magazines and am always drawn to them. Oh, and the Santa tee? Random, I know, BUT I have wanted that silly shirt for two Christmases and just wouldn't pony up the $10, (can you say cheapo?), but obviously my wait paid off cause I got that one for $2. Oh, and yes that is another copy of Eclipse. I had to have it because of the red pages.

Gotta share another pic of these uber-cool scissors. They are metal and at least a foot and a half long. I have hung them above my sewing machine.

I think I am going to repaint them to distinguish between the scissors and the thimble. Whatever I do with them, I just love them!

Monday, March 21, 2011

The shadowy side of life

I know everyone has those days. Days when you really feel like it would have been safer to stay in bed and keep the blinds closed. Days when the pay off of getting dressed isn't worth the effort to get there. It is completely normal to have these days.

I had two of these particular days at the beginning of last week. I really just wasn't in the space to fight the daily battles. I know how lucky I am and I am in no way saying my life is bad, but I was just a bit raw on these two days and it didn't take much for me to feel the sting.

Journaling reads: Normally I am a fierce warrior, taking on life's battles at full charge, but today my walls are down, exposing that fragile piece of me that I usually protect from the world. So please, speak with soft words and be gentle with me for today. Tomorrow I will be back in full battle gear and ready to fight.

For the first time, I made a layout that focused on the feelings I was having at that exact moment, the true thought running through my mind. This layout is more torn and grungey than normal for me, because I was feeling more torn and grungey. I must admit that I completely destroyed a piece of Webster's paper that I didn't intend to, so I had to re-evaluate the process, but the end result made me feel better and isn't that a large part of what creating is about?

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring is coming! (I hope...)

I feel like Puxatawny Phil, but I am predicting spring will be upon us very soon. I say this as I stare at the grey clouds rolling in and the damp sidewalk outside my window. I have been staying inside as much as possible lately. It is warm in here.

Speaking of inside, I finally did something that I have been meaning to since January. I made a focal wall in the studio with a grouping of some of my favorite pictures. It is a collection I have been accumulating for years and I love how it turned out. I can see adding more to it as I find the pieces.

The square canvas on the bottom right is probably my all time favorite. It and the rectangle canvas are by Papaya and I LOVE her art.

I am teaching a class at Scrapbook Territory featuring the "For The Record" mini book that I showed here. I am hoping that my next class will be this adorable springy banner using new Maya Road and Sassafras Lass.

This class will be called "Life's Little Words" and will allow the student to personalize their banner with a two, three, or four letter word on the front. I chose "FLY" and used the fourth piece to feature one of the little bird and heart chipboard pieces that comes with the MR banner kit. The key piece of this banner is that it is interactive.

The top pieces lift to show a picture and quotes related to the chosen word on the front. Each student will get a full banner and word set from Maya Road, which will leave them with more than enough chipboard to make at least one more banner AND a Glossy Accents to embellish with!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Oh so charming!

Last night was one of the nights where I was on the fence about creating. I didn't really want to, but knew I should. I have decided when I am in that mood, I will try to create something small to keep my mojo moving and continue the sense of accomplishment.

I had picked up the new Maya Road cameo chipboard pieces from The Art Life Shop the other day and I knew I wanted to make an off the page project. So here is my first one.

I think it still needs a "little something" like a lace bow or a fancy crystal about the cameo piece, but I wore it today and I have to admit, love it. Here is a close up of the cameo piece.

I used Crate Paper's Restoration line and a plastic flower from Michael's. A touch of Stickles and some Glossy Accents and ta-da! A custom cameo.

Of course, I couldn't stop at just one! Nope, making these is like eating one chocolate covered almond. I am so fooling myself thinking I am not going to sneak back for a few more.

This one is featuring some of my favorite papers from GCD Studios and while it doesn't appear in the photo, black diamond Stickles. It has to have some bling.

Lastly, I ,(FINALLY), finished a charm I made at CHA of 2010. It fell apart shortly after walking away from the booth where I made it and I have been meaning to fix it since. I am sure you will be glad to hear that I did and it is finally in a wearable form now.

It is hard to tell, but it says "me" on it. It was the word I was using last year because I realize that things I want in life start and end with me, with my own power to create fabulousness, that I am the one person ultimately in control of how I approach life.

Monday, March 7, 2011

A way oldie, but a favorite

So, I am buried right now. Thankfully, it is buried under a project, because last week, it was water. The Hubsters and I live in a bottom condo unit and it seems that the three units in this building are on the same drainage pipe. Well, after years of kitchen sink use, a pipe with a 90 degree angle is bound to back up and being on the ground floor, that water will reach your house first. While I enjoyed the week off from making dinner, I did not enjoy not really being able to use my kitchen.

So, while I unbury myself from this current project, which I hope you will love as much as I do, I am going to show off a canvas I made two years ago, (I KNOW!), for my dear Dad featuring his heroes. I used printable sticky canvas, beeswax, old dictionary papers, stickers, and some real bullet casings to create this.

The pictures are not the greatest, but this is hanging in a very narrow stairwell at about 6 feet high. Why that high? Because right after I gave it to my dad, he walked upstairs, grabbed a hammer and a nail, and put the canvas on the wall. And he stands at 6 feet tall, so to him, it is perfect height. And his reaction to the gift meant to me that I had done good. ;)