Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Two-fer Tuesday

I haven't been scrapping much or even thrifting much lately. I have been reading. A lot. I realized that I finished four books in the last five days, including the Hunger Games trilogy, which I am still digesting.

I have made the following two layouts in these past few days, both featuring new lines from CHA-S.

Featuring Amy Tan's line with American Crafts. This is the second layout I have made with this line and I have to say, her style so meshing with mine. I LOVE the color blue in this line. I had to scrap this photo as it made me smile because it is so my cousin and it shows her funny side that usually results in us on the floors, laughing so hard the tears run down our legs.

This is a layout that started as one of my sketches. I used pieces from Basic Grey's Indie Bloom line, which I LOVE. The colors are so yummy. The little pom-poms are made from twine and there is a blog on how to make them here.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday (Page) Maps

It began with inspiration from Becky Fleck's Page Maps books and turned into this.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

The random thrift art post

This is a totally random post with a totally random story to go with it. As I am sure I have mentioned at least once, I love to thrift. I mean, I REALLY love to thrift. It makes me feel like a kid on Christmas morning. So yesterday I went to a nearby town that I had heard had good thrift stores and a fair number of them in a small radius. I happened upon two pictures that weren't something I would describe as my style, but I was drawn to nonetheless.

Here is where the random story comes in. It wasn't random in that it is off topic, but more what happened. I took the two pictures to the counter and was making small talk with the cashier. Here is how the conversation went down.

Her: "These pictures are interesting aren't they?"

Me: "Yeah, I am guessing they are kind of old."

She picks up the picture, puts her nose to the back of it and inhales deeply.
Her: "1950's."

Me: "I beg your pardon?" (As I tried to not let my jaw hang open in disbelief).

Her: "You can tell by the smell, they are from the 1950's."

Thought in my head: "Are you messing with me?"

I have to admit, friends, when I got into the safety of my own home with my treasures, I cautiously sniffed the back of one of the pictures. I am pretty sure I can guess what the 1960's and the 1970's smelled like and I know the 1990's smelled like Teen Spirit, but I am not sure what the 1950's smell like, but I smelled nothing.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday's Finish!

Whew! It feels good to get things off of the "Please Finish Me" list. I started this pair of silhouettes for my aunt back in May and just couldn't get the right touches to finish them and send them off to her. Ah, but finally, I have.

They started as two white ceramic discs that could be hung up. It was a stroke of genius that I realized if I added duct tape to the ceramic base, it would make it more easy to decorate. I am not sure if you have ever tried to paint or decorate a piece that has already been fired, but it is a pain in the tush. My aunt has a thing for zebra, so this was the logical choice in my mind.

Then I added the burlap and printed the silhouettes on sticky back canvas. I picked a boy and a girl cause as life would have it, my aunt has a boy and a girl. It was the back piece that I struggled with until I remembered I had a Cricut and I can cut pieces to size.

I deconstructed a record album cover for the scalloped circle, painted it, Rock Candy crackle painted it, and then Walnut Stain inked it. I also re-colored some of the beads from the hanging wire to make them more fitting for the color scheme.

Funny, now that I am looking at them, I think they need feathers....

See my dilemma with trying to finish things?

Have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

A mini and a steal!

First let's show the steal. The Hubs came to me a little while back and said those magic words we all want to hear.

"I want you to buy whatever organizational pieces you need to get your scrap studio functional and make sure that you don't cheap out on your pieces. They need to be investment pieces, something we will have for a long time. No more temporary fixes."

Okay, maybe you don't dream of hearing those words, but I certainly did. So in my new quest to organize my space once and for all, (hopefully), I have been looking for pieces that I think will stand the test of time. Like map cabinets or flat files as they are also called.

On the first Sunday of each month there is an antiques show in Alameda. The Hubs and I went and LOOK WHAT WE FOUND!!!

Isn't it awesome! It is from the UC Berkeley labs of the 1960s and has a stainless steel top added. I am going to paint it eventually and put it on castors, but I was so excited to snatch this piece. It was at a huge discount compared to what these go for online new, plus it is old! I immediately filled it with everything from 2 jumbo Clip-It-Ups, all my paints, chipboard letters, and a bunch of other stuff.

Now onto the mini. There are quite a few photos, so bear with me. This is the mini I did for our Independence weekend trip to LA.

Us being complete goobers on the completely cool donkey at Olvera Street.

Mini pocket for the extra bits you tend to gather on vacation.


It was close to 100 degrees the day we went to Hollywood so the shots are having some exposure issues.

There is an almost identical photo of my mom from about 24 years ago.

Ol'Blue Eyes lived in the house on the left and a famous, yet fresh, prince spent time at the one on the right.

The Jim Henson Theater Company, previously owned by Mr. Charlie Chaplin, who is obviously still peeking in to watch over things.

Hollywood High School. Alma Mater of John Ritter, Judy Garland, Carol Burnette, and a bunch of others. The other photo is the entrance that you may recall from "Beverly Hills Cop."

The House of Blues on the left and The Viper Room on the right. A little macabre, but still a part of Hollywood.

Behind us is The El Capitan Theater, fully renovated by Disney. It was phenomenal.

Speaking of Disney, while at The Happiest Place on Earth, we even got to see The Mouse.

It was a driving kind of day.

Club 33. Walt's personal club. Look it up if you are curious, it is an interesting story.

All of my "mistakes" while journaling, which is why I rarely journal.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A technique tute on Tuesday!

As promised, here is my loose glitter fix. Well, it isn't actually mine, since I got the idea from Natasja Verbeek, but this is how I do it.

Gather your supplies: tray, Gluber, loose glitter.

Peel off one side of the film from the Gluber and pour the glitter over the circle. *Note-- you do not need to cover all of it. Just get a nice amount down.*

Use your finger to spread the glitter around the Gluber. This is why you don't need to totally cover it to begin with. You can always add more. While you are spreading it with your finger, push the glitter into the Gluber. This will help it not flake later.

As my niece says, "Da-Da!" While this trick doesn't completely eliminate the mess of working with loose glitter, (seriously, I still had it all over myself, but maybe that is just me), it does cut down on the flaking once on the project.

At this point, you can brush off the excess. I was pretty rough with mine, using my fingers to rub the Gluber to remove as much extra as possible before peeling it from the backing and sticking it on my project. Also, while it looks like there are spots I missed, the Gluber is covered and once adhered, any light spots disappear.

So, as I laid in bed on Saturday night, I was thinking about how cool this turned out and what else I could do with Glubers when inspiration struck! I had to force myself to remain in bed and wait until morning to try my idea.

If a Gluber works so well with glitter, then how would it do with micro beads? I have always loved the look of micro beads, but the idea of trying to adhere them gave me nightmares, so the jar sat on my shelf, taunting me.

Haha! No more!

I used a 2" circle punch to match the size of the Gluber, punched an image from the paper, and followed the same process as above.

Again, rub those little boogers into the Gluber to make sure they stay. It can take more abuse than you might think.

Oooh, pretty!!! At this point, I am literally doing my "I am a genius" dance. If you have never seen it, you are totally missing out.

I know, I know! I even made a card! I was thinking how cute would these be as centers for larger Glubers that you make into flowers? I tried it but they were way too big for the card.

Get out the loose glitter and micro beads, my friends. The time has come to make them earn their keep!

Monday, August 15, 2011

How many manufacturers?

Nine. Yep, I included items from nine different manufacturers to make up this two-page layout. Not sure if that is my all time most used on one creation, but it is still quite a few. Let's see, there is Martha Stewart, Echo Park, Cosmo Cricket, American Crafts, Pink Paislee, Sassafras Lass, Webster's, My Little Shoebox, and one company that I can't recall their name. Heart paper and polka dot paper are Sassafras, the yellow damask is Echo Park. Journaling tags are Pink Paislee and the title is from American Craft Thickers, of course. The yellow tiny letters are MLS, the buttons are Webster's, the glitter is Martha, and the large dots? Well, I am SO glad you asked!

Those are GLUBERS!!! No kidding! Natasja Verbeek of CC's design team showed me this technique back at CHA-W and I finally figured a way to use it. AND, AND, AND I have special twist on this concept to show you tomorrow that I am VERY excited about. Let's just say, it is time to start pulling out that loose glitter we all love but hate to have end up all over our layouts for the next few years.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Home Sweet Home

So I am going to do my best to post even though Blogger seems to be having some trouble.

I woke up to this beauty the other morning. I have been trying to grow an orchid for at least five years and I have never succeeded in getting one to bloom, but that stops here! Can you see those other buds? Oh yeah, those are four more waiting to show their glory!

This is what my desk looked like, (still looks like), while I was creating today. I totally wipe out any surface. But it is all in good fun. This is what I was putting the finishing touches on:

The other project from the second Tim Holtz class that I took a week ago. This is a canvas with pieces of his paper stash stacks adhered and then covered with beeswax. I decided to make mine into a house complete with windows to the people who live there.

See the man on the left? He is actually in love with the lady over on the right. Unfortunately, it is unrequited as the lady desire is obviously in love with the man in the window with her.

Here is another inhabitant peeking from her window. See the little girly on the pig underneath the window? That was a found piece from the stacks shared with me by my BFF, Daniela.

I loved the boy and his dog and his little bro peeking out of the ornate window to the left. Oh, and as a little bit of tongue in cheek, I used the floral patterned paper for the triangle under the rulers. It is flowers in the attic. ;P