Monday, January 23, 2012

It has taken a year

for me to finish this layout. A year. That is just sad, really. The layout itself came together very smoothly, which for a one picture per page scrapper like myself, that is impressive with the 15 pictures on this page. I LOVE the colors and have used this line for at least two other projects.

Honestly, I wasn't sure what to do with the journaling. I wanted it to be on the doily obviously, but did I handwrite it or type it? And if I typed it, how was I going to make sure it was in a circle? So incomplete it stayed.

Until today when I sat down at the computer, actually read the "Help" section on my word processing program and figured out how to type in a circle. Then I was faced with what to say. How did I impart in a 4.5"x4.5" space how special it was and is to me that my Grandma and I were both born in January? How did I say that simply sharing the month with her made me feel special, gave me a bond to her that has even 18 years after her death, continued to warm my heart in this otherwise dreary month? I just typed and let what ever come to mind become journaling.

One of my favorite parts of the layout is the feathers. I love feathers and adding them to the page just gives it a fun and different touch to me. I also added a few red bling in homage to the garnet, January's birthstone.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Another chance

A lot, (most? all?), of people wax poetic at the start of the new year. Resolutions, goals, fresh starts, new beginnings, etc. I am not usually one to be a part of all that cause I am honest with my personality and I know that I have to do these things on a day by day basis, with the exception of choosing a word for the year. A word to live by, a word I use to remind myself of the path I am trying to forge. It is simple and not my original idea. I know Ali Edwards does it every year, as well as Christina Kane and many more.

It is a great format for those like me who somehow lose entire days and wake up, say, on January 18th wondering where the first two weeks of the month have gone. I try to come up with a word that works in many situations, a word that can be part of a saying or can stand alone. This year, my word is:

2012 is the year for me to RISK. Risk everything, risk it all, take fashion risks, the list goes on. So, expect to see this word show up in various places in my life this year. I will not be irresponsible, but I am not going to necessarily play it safe anymore.

One of the places I have been lately is a quick trip to Oregon to celebrate a very special lady's 65th birthday. While on the 36 hour journey, I was able to steal a few moments with this beauty and am so blessed to be an auntie to her and her sister.

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