Thursday, December 1, 2011

It is upon us!

Whether you look at December with a bit of dread because it marks the end of another year or if you see it as the last hurrah before a brand new fresh year, it has arrived. And with it comes another chance for yours truly to complete a December Daily journal.

Yes, as you may or may not recall, I have metnioned, (promised, sworn, guaranteed), that I was going to see this project through in the years past and each time, I have quietly allowed the project to go unfinished, to hang over me as incomplete.

Well, not this year!

I have forgone the grandiose plans of an in-depth account of the next 25 days and of creating something each evening inspired by that days events and photos. Instead, I have decided that for me, I need to follow the KISS method.

Oh, and I should mention, I also had a friend in this endeavor. Yep, my dear friend, Daniela, told me that she was creating a December Daily kit, complete with the stuff you needed for the journal as well as daily inspiration on her blog and frankly friends, I decided it was best, (i.e. easiest) for me to let someone else do the dirty work.

See, Daniela has already put all the papers together along with the matching number stickers, journaling cards, and quote tags, plus a wonderful little baggie of holiday flotsam and jetsam to decorate with. How much easier could it be? In addition to all that, she offered a deal if you purchased the new limited edition Tim Holtz Winter Distress Inks and the kit together. Music to my ears.

And here it is:

I am about 75% done with the inside pages, prepping them to be ready to pop in a photo and/or journaling. I have added pieces from my own stash, pieces that I can now find in my supplies thanks to my purging, but truthfully, you wouldn't need to add a thing. This kit has everything you need except glue and the memories. This book came together so quickly and perfectly. If you want to do the December Daily trip it isn't too late to grab one of these for yourself or even to have for next year. Now THAT would be a head start!

The Art Life Shop's December Daily Kit

In addition, I am going to post my pages daily and I want to share with you the picture sheet that I will be following for the next 25 days to help me with my task. I discovered it on Pinterest, but here is a link directly to the author's blog. She has some incredible lists and suggestions for photos.

Katrina Kennedy 

 25 December Daily Photo Ideas 
1. Something Red 
2. A list 
3. The Christmas tree 
4. Presents wrapped under the tree 
5. Something warm and tasty 
6. A candy cane (or many) 
7. A wreath with a red bow 
8. Stamped and addressed Christmas cards 
9. Santa Claus 
10. Away in a manger 
11. Ribbons and bows 
12. Something sticky 
13. Reindeer 
14. A decked hall 
15. Silver bells 
16. A hippopotamus 
17. Under the mistletoe 
18. A cup of cheer 
19. Toys in every store 
20. A winter wonderland 
21. Tiny tots with their eyes all aglow 
22. Holiday greetings 
23. A shining star 
24. Children, sleeping 
25. The number “25” 
My Gear & Technique 
Through December I will shoot a lot with my 50mm lens to help with lowlight situations. I will grab my 70-200mm lens for stealth close ups and details from a distance. 
I’ll shoot a lot on some days, only a shot or two on others. 
I will enjoy the month and make sure I’m in at least a few photos! 
Katrina Kennedy 
Capture Your Holidays: Through The Lens 

Sorry, I tried to upload the pdf but was encountering problems that I have no doubt are user error. :)  But here is the list, nonetheless.

Lastly, in news of the scrap space, the purging continues. I am SO close to being done, but now am at the point where there is piles on the floor that just don't really go anywhere and I feel like I have been doing this for so long that I am ready to just dump it into the donation boxes and say, "forget it." All I want to do now is create. I know, first world problems, right?

Here are a couple of photos of the drawers that make me smile every time I open them because 1) they are so colorful and 2) it is all finally in one place.


  1. Wow! It's beautiful! Have a good day! :-)

  2. Your December Daily looks fantastic!! I always want to make one of them, but don't do it. One of these years i'll get off my butt and do it. And love those drawers, so fun to see all your stuff in one place!

  3. HOLY CROW! Look at all the TOYS!!!
    lol. I can not express how much I am looking forward to seeing how this turns out and I so want to do this too now. It is a great idea and I'm going to ATTEMPT to do something similar although mine will be no where near as smashing as yours. That cover btw... seriously... you disgust me lol.
    If ou take any greg pictures that are just too dark or need some tweaking and you are either too busy or just reached your limit on what you can do with it, feel free to email it over and I'll take a go at it as well.


    Did you know (btw) your sister is quite the Bah Humbug?