Thursday, April 5, 2012

Some Gertrude Stein in My Bedroom

Hahaha, did that grab your attention? I spent most of today working from an inspiration photo that I once saw of Gertrude Stein in her Paris apartment. She was an avid collector of art and this specific photo showed her living room with a settee in the middle of this large wall that was covered in pictures of all types, floor to what seemed 14 foot ceilings. I loved it immediately and it has haunted my hopes of home decor ever since. No longer, my friends.

We had the perfect wall in the bedroom and goodness knows, I have collected more than enough art pieces. It started like this.

So sad!!! I dug around under the bed and pulled out the pictures I had been hoarding which quickly became piles, measured two pieces of architect's vellum across the wall, and then laid the paper on the floor of the library.

I had to work in there as the bedroom does not have the uninterrupted floor space I required. Did I say uninterrupted? I must have meant something else because my paper and I were certainly interrupted by the two resident feline clowns.

Lotus Chief and Fuzzface totally thought Mom had laid this crinkly paper out for them to play. About five seconds after this photo, the Fuzz tried to sneak up on LC, only to have LC jump straight up into the air and Fuzz tear out of the room. There were small kitty claw tracks all over.

I laid out the pieces that I wanted to hang, rearranging as I went. It was a good thing I had my art supervisor down there in the left hand corner telling me I was on the right track.

After drawing around the frames and measuring the hangers on the back, I taped the paper to the wall and got to setting the nails. This was the easiest part of the endeavor.

Finally I have the Gertrude Stein inspiration wall in the bedroom! There are some small spaces left open purposefully for future finds. While looking at this wall, I counted that there are only 2 things here that I bought in a regular retail store. Everything else is either thrifted or handmade. I love that. I also noticed that without intending to, I have quite a few Paris pieces. That isn't surprising since it is the first major International city the Hubs and I went to together.

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  1. That looks very cool! Great job on it... I'm sure LC and Fuzz helped out a lot. :)