Sunday, January 10, 2010

Such wonder...

I absolutely LOVED these photos of my niece. Every once in a while, photography kismet happens to me and this is one of those moments. She is eight months old and is like a sponge, trying to take in everything around her. I lovingly nicknamed her the "Hoot Owl" while home for Christmas, because if there was someone sitting behind her, she would do the swivel position she is in here in the two outside photos. She wanted to make sure that if they, (me, in this case), did something interesting, she was watching. 

With the light coming through the windows and picking up on that soft baby fuzz on her head, she is highlighted much like the little angel she is.


  1. Everything about this layout is just darling! Beautiful work to compliment the beautiful photography and ever-so-beautiful, darling, adorable little subject!

  2. So pretty love your use of bling here!!