Monday, March 8, 2010

Ten things that make me happy

Uh-oh, two posts in one day, look out.

Susan of Susan's Little Scraps, who I swear is related to me in at least some obscure way because she totally has my sense of humor and shares my love of kitch, passed this award onto me. Again, I normally avoid these things, but how wonderful is it to take a moment and say at least 10 things that make you happy? And, I would do just about anything for that girl, so here goes...

10. A glass of good wine.

9. The smell of grunge paper, leather, coconut, fresh coffee, freshly cut wood, and the desert after a summer rain.

8. Good hair days that coincide with good skin days that coincide with good outfit days.

7. Traveling.

6. Blankets. One can never have too many blankets.

5. Vintage items, especially quilts, fabulous dresses, shoes, purses, hats, and glamorous furniture.

4. Costume jewelry.

3. The ocean. In the summer, I love the warmth from the sand and the sun on the waves, in the winter I love the turbulence and the grays. I would live near the ocean if it was only my choice.

2. The true ring of a child's laughter.

1. A hot shower or bath.

I decided to keep this purely on the top level and purposefully left out all those fabulous loved ones who are in my world. I will pass this onto some of you, but will contact you on the DL in case you don't want to play along. ;P

*Edited because in a completely typical, but still utterly bonehead moment, I forgot to put in the link to Susan's awesome blog. Please forgive me, Susan!?!?*


  1. I just love reading these. They do make for good journaling, and it shows different aspects of who we are.

    I think you and Susan were separated at birth! :)

  2. It's very affirming to know that others know what I'm talking about, especially when I spend a good part of my day confused. LOL! Also good to see that bathing was numero uno! ;P Now excuse me while I go find that sheet of grunge paper, I have some sniffing to do!

  3. I love #8!!! That sure makes for a great day, doesn't it??? I loved reading more about you, Lora!! TFS!!