Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Eclipse VIP night & IMAX opening day

So, in case you hadn't heard, Eclipse, the third installment in the Twilight Saga movies based on the books by Stephanie Meyer debuted last night. To 7 million people. Yes, it broke some sort of record. And, I was a part of it last night and today. Thanks to having a very lucky friend who won VIP passes to an early special premiere, I was able to watch New Moon at 6:00pm on the big screen and then Eclipse at 9:00pm. I cannot tell you how excited I was. Maybe this photo will give you an idea.
Yes, I went full Wolf Pack. Well, I guess full would have to been to wear a furry suit, but I was close. One of my besties was a vampire for the evening, sporting her incredible red eyes and awesome Volturi

Hottie, isn't she? We had to show off our chosen sides and we went to all lengths. ;P

Gold eyes, my friends, gold eyes. It was so awesome to dress up and watch this with my friends and all the fans who were so excited they couldn't contain their squeals, screams, and gasps. I know that their fanaticism isn't for some, but to me, it is all part of the experience. So were these guys.
And, no my hands were not THERE. Then today, we headed over to the IMAX theater in our "regular" street clothes to see it again on the massive screen.

I love this movie! It is the best of the three and I KNOW I will be seeing it again in the theater at least once more. And, I will be eagerly awaiting it's release on DVD. What a great 24 hours!!!
Back to creating tomorrow. Tonight, it is time to reflect on the six hours of yummy movie- goodness that I have greedily consumed. With my focus on one hot wolf.

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  1. Love how you two dressed for the premiere! I can tell it was fun!