Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A day with Heidi

On Saturday I was fortunate enough to take a class with Heidi Swapp. I have used Heidi's creations for years, but meeting her in person gave me a whole new perspective on this talented lady. First, she is funny. Like really, truly, genuinely make you laugh, completely surprise you with her comments funny. I love that quality. She is also one of the most real people I think I have ever met. Her spirit is good and you feel good just by being around her. Plus, she said she liked my sweater. ;)

I started the morning with her Daily Junque featuring, you guessed it, the Daily Junque line she designed for Pink Paislee. I love this album so much, I am not sure how I will be able to stress it. The colors of the line are so me, with the navy, muted red, green, yellow, and cream. LOVE it! Then all the air mail, typewriters, maps, globes, etc. Could it be more perfect? Doubt it.

This is the cover of my book, which is personalized.

If you look closely, on the left is Heidi's siggy and a little note from her. Such a doll! I plan to use this book to capture the odds and ends of the year. Just those little bits that make up life, or more appropriately, the junk that makes it a great trip.

I actually just added that little ATC with the "C" on it. I made that in January at CHA with Lisa M. Pace and I figured this was the perfect place for it. I made a note on the back of when and where it was from.

Here are a couple of my other favorite pages from the book. There are pennant shaped pages, acrylic pages, and I even used the glassine-type envelope that held all the ephemera pieces in the book. I figured I could tuck bits inside it.

The afternoon class was this adorable flip out book featuring the Soiree line, another total hit out of the park. So much vibrancy in this line. While it is birthday or party themed, I totally agree with Heidi that it is way more versatile than that. I plan of using this to showcase a few of my favorite photos from our trip to upstate New York last year. The trip's main focus was celebrating our niece's 1 year birthday, but that wasn't the entirety of the trip.

Cute stuff, right? I have to say that the white paper with all the flowers is a total favorite. I would have a couch covered in fabric with that print, a dress in it, maybe even wallpaper. Not all three, mind you, just one of the above.


  1. Not only are you a great scrapper; you get to rub shoulders with other great scrappers. I aggree with Heidi about your sweater. You need to Xerox the back side of it; and send me the paper. :)

  2. I love these! How awesome; I love Heidi Swapp!!

  3. Love these, and how cool to have a personalized note from HS on your album!