Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday's Random Five

My random five bits for this Monday are:

1. I wonder if Mother Nature is EVER going to decide what she is doing....

(these were taken at the same time with my phone the other day)

2. I devoured this book, which is not surprising as I had been eagerly awaiting the next chapter...

3. And I was beyond words pleasantly surprised by this. If you are a fan, I would highly recommend it.

4. Enjoyed giving the Hubsters his first ever Easter basket yesterday. I loved his exuberance over such a small thing. Of course, I added a bottle of wine to the goodies.

5. Speaking of the Hubsters, he is off this week and although it is only Monday, I am really enjoying his being home with me during the day.

So, what are five things in your world that are on your radar right now? 


  1. Wednesday is parent/teacher conference day.

    I'm looking forward to continuing the book I'm reading. (Somebody Else's Mama by David Haynes)

    I am debating changing the bulletin board outside the classroom.

    I want to lose at least 8 lbs.

    I want a cookie.

  2. Great picture there, Lora. I like how the sky goes from blue to purplish gray. Mother Nature sure has been fickled this year. We went away on vacation while it was winterlike here and came back 5 days later to find the trees and flowers had exploded into bloom.

  3. Haha, love Staci's #5! Love the second picture. Hmm.. for me.. I have a few scrappy things to take care of. Hoping to finish organizing things the way I want them, although I'm sure it will never end. ;) Hoping there will be sunshine tomorrow, as it's been quite stormy the last few days. Debating ordering a book from Amazon. Enjoying my coffee. :)