Wednesday, June 1, 2011

KISS Wednesday

Here is another simple colors layout, but that isn't really what made this layout simple. I used a sketch I had drawn up before for another layout, only this time I changed the orientation. Here is the original sketch in my book.

Here is the layout I made using the sketch only changing its orientation to feature the photos on the top.

 As soon as I saw these pictures of my cousin, I knew I wanted to make a layout that gave the feeling of movement, the feeling you get from a dandelion being blown into the wind. I played with it in my head and then recalled the sketch I had made for another layout and realized by shifting it, I would be able to set the pictures up to tell the story and impart the feeling. By using a sketch I already had and limiting my colors, I was able to make a quick and lovely layout.


  1. Hi Lora, it's me, Courtney. For some unknown reason your blog doesn't like me to post under my profile. But that can't stop me, cuz your blog stuff is just too awesome not to comment on. Ha! Take that!
    I love this layout! I love that you made the sketch and then altered it. I really love the swirly embellies in the top left that look like they're floating out of the picture.
    You rock!
    Love, Courtney.

  2. I know that little, (appearing) sweet and innocent girl. I really like this layout. I like the little mini banner especially. very clever. I also enjoy the movement of the butterfly trail. I knew you would do something great with these pictures. Thank you for letting me live vicariously through you. I have had zero time to scrapbook and I have taken so many great photos of the kids. Its depressing really. Maybe I will do something similar when I can finally scrapbook. I like how you included your journal sketch. It is cool to have a glimpse into how you in-vision pages and then how you make them reality.

    P.S. I have been waiting ALL day to reply to this. I saw the post while waiting for my first class to start, then I didn't have any time to reply until, well just now. I swear I thought I was going to burst lol.

  3. Check you out drawing up your own sketches. That's something I've never done but it's nice to see your creative process from concept to end result.

    It's very cool how you kept the motion going with the swirlies. However, I'm most intrigued how you did the border. I can never, ever get a punched border to come out that perfect.

    BTW, I was having trouble getting internet explorer to recognize me when I tried to leave a comment. I switched to firefox and it worked.

  4. This is so pretty! I love the butterflies coming out the side!

  5. Gorgeous layout, Lora! I might just have to do my own spin on your sketch! Great job!

  6. Everything about your layout is just perfection Lora! I love it...and like Susan just might be lifting it!! Beautiful!