Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday's Special!

This is a project that I dreamed up a year ago for a design team entry. Obviously, we know how that went. ;P

I used a bird house found in the $ section of Micheal's, a piece of wooden dowel, and a blank 3x3 wood block. I drilled a hole in the block, (which totally surprised me by being hollow!), and the bird house with my nady-dandy Fiskars hand drill. Then I covered the block with a paper bag that my friend uses for her store. My medium was, you guessed it, Mod Podge, which by the way, I have erroneously called Modge Podge for years until I was chastised recently that I was in fact, saying it wrong. I may just start calling it, "that amazing gel medium that comes with the funky 70's inspired label" and then no one is offended with my mispronunciation.

I wrapped garden twine of the dowel and glued to to both the house and the block, then glued a pile of random flowers and the birds over the entire piece. Most of these flowers are from The Art Life Shop, who is the same store that uses those darling bags that I used to cover the base.

Such a fun little piece that has huge impact, yet took little effort to make. Love those projects!


  1. okay, so i was laying on the sofa relaxing after moving an 8 x 10 shed I had given to me over to dad's for safe keeping until we move this summer and I was reading your blog. (That was a terribly long sentence).
    I was driven to get on the computer and log in just to post a comment. lol. I could have done it on my phone but I never know if it goes through or not. I ADORE THIS!!! You leave me speechless sometimes cuz.

    This is great and has given me some ideas on how to adorn the birdhouse I recently purchased at Michael's from the Clearance bin. (I spelled that wrong I know it). I picked one up about a week or so ago when I was trolling for red roses and flamingos. want to get several and hang them in my tree, that I will someday have, like Christmas Ornaments. (did that give a clear enough mental image?) Not tacky and all clutters, you know what I mean though. My backyard is going to be a utopia... when I get one of coarse. Anyway, BRILLIANT Lora, absolutely brilliant. Keep up the good work and thanks for all the inspiration. Keep em' coming.

  2. This is adorable! Love it! That bag is just wow!
    And thank you, I always thought it was Modge Podge too.
    (for whatever reason, I can only post comments as annonymous)

  3. Very pretty, Lora! I'm really liking the bag you decoupaged onto the block!

  4. How colorful and springy! Beautiful and creative Lora! Way to work the Mod Podge!