Sunday, February 20, 2011

A day with Julie Nutting

It was a special chance for me to take a class with the very talented Julie Nutting yesterday. I have to tell you that I have been following her blog and her work since I caught a piece in Somerset magazine. I love the creative use of papers, patterns, and colors she adds to each piece. And, I have to tell you that she is just as lovely in person as she is in art.

Here is the piece that I made during her class at Scrapbook Island yesterday.

I LOVE the colors! Look at the depth and texture. The girl was created from a pattern that Julie had made for us and then we "free handed" the hair. There is layer after layer of yumminess on this piece and I can guarantee that I will be using these techniques again and again.

The face has such character, even without specific features. Actually, I think it is because it doesn't have features that it has more character.

Why it has never occurred to me to use paint on bubble wrap for polka dots before is beyond me, but you can bet that I will be doing it again. And again!

I loved the layers for the skirt and how it created movement. Such an incredible class and I hope to get to take another one from Julie!


  1. Love your mixed Media work girl!! ~ jamie :)

  2. Oh wow, this looks like it was such a fun class! Love the mixed media! You rocked it girl!

  3. This is a work of ART! Beautiful job, Lora!

  4. it was great having you in the class. she turned out adorable! am thinking of doing paper dolls next time.

  5. What great colors! Fabulous! I'm doing a canvas for my daughter's room next week; thanks for the inspiration!

  6. I can't put into words how much I'm diggin this idea. Honestly. It's great. I wish they had little workshops and classes like the ones you go to up here.