Friday, February 11, 2011

A little more CHA

Well, I meant to blog the rest of this on a Friday, just not THIS Friday. Oops! My definition of "tomorrow" may need to be re-evaluated.

Okay so what is left from CHA? Hahaha, that is a joke actually because with over 8 miles of booths, there is no way two posts can cover it. But here is the remainder of my experience there.

Before I get started in the breakdown of specific booths, I am going to give some overall observations. Silhouettes, circus, and rosettes are BIG trends in the lines. You are going to see A LOT of these and from many different manufacturers. There is a return to the 1960's feel with wood grained papers, embellies, and at least three companies I can think of right off the top using orange, yellow, hot pink, and brown in a line. I have a feeling that they are just heralding in more of this for the future and would not be surprised to see the retro-funk show up even more at CHA-S.

The industry has heard the call for the tools to make our own embellishments and they are trying to get them to us as fast as possible. There are the Glubers, the new flower dies from Spellbinders, and Foldies from Sassafras. Epiphany Crafts has created a great selection of tools to make your own epoxy pieces and buttons, furthering the genius of their offering with resin pieces that embellish the epoxy and pre-cut felt flowers to add them to as well. It goes beyond flowers and bits to Studio 490 who has put together die cut pieces you can use to create altered art bases.

Now, onto some more pictures!

Maya Road- Always fabulous! They have some great mini banners coming our way, as well as the silhouette pieces and have added three specific things I really want-- the large canvas dress form piece, the smaller dress form bits, and the 4" bottle cap!!! They are also releasing more colors of their pleated ribbon, which means more handmade flowers for me.

Here are some examples of the Studio 490 products I mentioned above. They are really neat little pieces and range in size from a few inches to fit on a layout to stand alone creations.

Sadly, while I loved the new Jenni Bowlin, Pink Paislee, Anna Griffin, Hambly, Sassafras, Webster's, and Epiphany crafts, I didn't take photos of their booths. I know that these companies have posted their new goodies on their blogs, but I am sorry I wasn't a better photographer. I am going to blame it on still not feeling 100% while I was at CHA.


  1. wow 8 miles, so so exciting, I could spend days just staring and dreaming , love the photo's, love all the flowers this year, seem to be the big hit and of course, vintage, my fav is really all over the place, thanks for going in my place, haha

  2. I loved seeing it all, Lora! Thank you so much for sharing. And if you ever need a personal assistant at CHA, just let me know! ;)

  3. Wow! Thanks for sharing with us less fortunate a little peak at what's to come! Some pretty exciting stuff....I think I'd have been so enraptured I'd have forgotten to take any pictures.
    Wait, maybe I shouldn't share that tidbit of information seeing as how I wanted to ask to be Susan's personal assistant whilst she's being your personal assistant....really, you'll just need to give me a nudge every once in a while!