Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What I have been doing for the last few days

I am so happy to post these photos because some of this, especially the pink and red project, has been dominating my desk and preventing me from doing anything else. So, first, let's look at the long overdue Valentine's configuration box.

I added some elements from The Art Life shop's monthly kit and then bits and pieces of my own. I had been playing with this idea since January, but when time came to assemble, I hit a wall. Honestly, some of these little boxes aren't as detailed as I would like, but that is okay too. Don't be surprised if I add to this next year. And, I still have one little box that didn't fit. I am going to make it a separate Valentine's shadow box.

Some more images of the little details on this decoration.

Once I finally cleaned off the desk from this project, I went a little crazy. That was Monday and I started five other projects that day alone. One of the projects was a re-visit to the UTEE and Perfect Pearls molded creations. Remember the hearts? Well, I found another cute mold set and I think plastic embellishments will be one of my new favorites.

I am loving these and I promise that some of them will be on a layout in the near future. Notice that some of them have a hole punched in them? Well, that is because in addition to making these to put on paper creations, I thought it would be cool to add them to cuff bracelets.

That is some grungeboard embossed with GCD Studios Chip Art tools, an UTEE flower, and a brad. My first flower cracked and the holes in the leaves are too small to put a brad through, but I think this is a good first attempt. A prototype, you might say.

Then last night I tried to make some cards. There are seven different situations that I need to make cards for at the moment and frankly, I am dreading it. I honestly am stumped when it comes to cards. I did make these two, one for an engagement and the other for a birthday, (obviously), but it took me as long to make these two cards as it did for me to make all the UTEE flowers. Sad, I know. And, I still have five more to go.


  1. Wow, Lora - your Valentine's box is gorgeous! Also, love the cuff bracelet and cards, especially the engagement one!

  2. I'll take that box to go..ship it, nah, just bring it to CT. I love it! And the UTEE, that's just dangerous, me gots to have some, me me me...and what talent with the jewels!

  3. Amazing job on that Valentine's box. I can't imagine how much time went into it but it is astounding. Such detail! Your utee charms are so pretty and shiny. I love the pearly rippling inside. How do you make the holes? Can't wait to see more of your cuff bracelets. If that's a prototype, look out!

  4. Lovin' all of it; but I adore all those pictures of cuties that you used in your box, what a great detail!

  5. That v-day box is bloody FANTASTIC! It reminds me of building dioramas lol. This gives me a great idea of an arts and crafts project to work on with the kids! And the bracelet... I adore. I have already commented on this on your FB page but I will say it again. I love it!