Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Some people who make my world brighter!

***First! This is my 199th post, so tomorrow will be the big 200! I am going to have a giveaway celebrating it, so be sure to check back!!!***

I just finished an album that Teresa Collins had as a make and take at CHA featuring her new Posh line, which I must admit, is so much fun to play with. I love the hot pink in with the black, white, and grey. I am  certain I am going to have to grab some 12x12 papers from this line to add to the stash. With all these little girls in my life, I have no doubt that these papers will be used again.

Speaking of little girls, I decided that is who I wanted to feature in this mini. It is only 4 pages long and I struggled with what topic I could focus on with only four pages and then it occurred to me that at this moment, there are four little girls in my world right now. I think I get to preoccupied with past events or future plans to just seize today. Right now, these four mini-females make my world a brighter place. I didn't want to forget that.

I will probably add a page for my soon to be born niece, Lily-bee. I used iPhoto to antique the photos, a feature I have wanted to use, but had yet to find the right format. Each page as a fold where I will write a bit about the girl and each page has their initial.

The initial is flocked white and black chipboard, (a part of the stash I am finally tapping into again!), and doesn't fully show up on this page. I will probably add hot pink to it to make it pop.

I also hit a huge score at the local thrift stores today, which hasn't happened in a while. It seemed meant to be as I used exactly the cash I had in my wallet for my purchases.

One of the best was I went to a store that I rarely EVER go to because the parking lot is a pain and I walked in to find the lamp with the bow on it! I had just left the G with the lampshade and they are perfect for each other. The lamp and the scissors were the scores of the day for me.

I have really been into the silver plated piece lately. I plan to put flowers in them throughout the house. I have seen this in Victoria and Romantic Homes magazines and am always drawn to them. Oh, and the Santa tee? Random, I know, BUT I have wanted that silly shirt for two Christmases and just wouldn't pony up the $10, (can you say cheapo?), but obviously my wait paid off cause I got that one for $2. Oh, and yes that is another copy of Eclipse. I had to have it because of the red pages.

Gotta share another pic of these uber-cool scissors. They are metal and at least a foot and a half long. I have hung them above my sewing machine.

I think I am going to repaint them to distinguish between the scissors and the thimble. Whatever I do with them, I just love them!


  1. What a gorgeous mini album! I love the colors, they are so pretty. I also love the look of your blog now!

  2. Your mini is beautiful! I love how that line works with your theme.. perfect. Nice scores at the thrift store and the G!

  3. LOVE those scissors! Pottery Barn used to sell ginormously huge buttons to hang on the wall. Be on the look out for those - you'll need them with that phat pair of scissors! Love the G!

  4. What a pretty lil' mini! Love the colours and the patterns. May have to score some of that line myself!
    Great score thrift shopping! I love wandering around those stores, never know what you'll find!

  5. What a find! Those scissors are uber cool and I agree with Susan, you've gotta have buttons to go with 'em. Your pink & black mini is seriously cute.