Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring is coming! (I hope...)

I feel like Puxatawny Phil, but I am predicting spring will be upon us very soon. I say this as I stare at the grey clouds rolling in and the damp sidewalk outside my window. I have been staying inside as much as possible lately. It is warm in here.

Speaking of inside, I finally did something that I have been meaning to since January. I made a focal wall in the studio with a grouping of some of my favorite pictures. It is a collection I have been accumulating for years and I love how it turned out. I can see adding more to it as I find the pieces.

The square canvas on the bottom right is probably my all time favorite. It and the rectangle canvas are by Papaya and I LOVE her art.

I am teaching a class at Scrapbook Territory featuring the "For The Record" mini book that I showed here. I am hoping that my next class will be this adorable springy banner using new Maya Road and Sassafras Lass.

This class will be called "Life's Little Words" and will allow the student to personalize their banner with a two, three, or four letter word on the front. I chose "FLY" and used the fourth piece to feature one of the little bird and heart chipboard pieces that comes with the MR banner kit. The key piece of this banner is that it is interactive.

The top pieces lift to show a picture and quotes related to the chosen word on the front. Each student will get a full banner and word set from Maya Road, which will leave them with more than enough chipboard to make at least one more banner AND a Glossy Accents to embellish with!


  1. Oh how I wish I lived closer to you. Lora, I'd love to take either of your classes. The interactive banner is so cool and the record album is just groovy. Pun intended!

  2. Your wall looks great! And I love the little banner.. fabulous idea to make an interactive one. How fun! Good luck with your classes. :)

  3. Lora! I love the banner! Your wall is so fabulous! How can you not look at that and just be in a happier place! I wanna take your class!!!

  4. Love your focal wall, and your banner is really cool! Interactive art....gotta love it!