Monday, March 7, 2011

A way oldie, but a favorite

So, I am buried right now. Thankfully, it is buried under a project, because last week, it was water. The Hubsters and I live in a bottom condo unit and it seems that the three units in this building are on the same drainage pipe. Well, after years of kitchen sink use, a pipe with a 90 degree angle is bound to back up and being on the ground floor, that water will reach your house first. While I enjoyed the week off from making dinner, I did not enjoy not really being able to use my kitchen.

So, while I unbury myself from this current project, which I hope you will love as much as I do, I am going to show off a canvas I made two years ago, (I KNOW!), for my dear Dad featuring his heroes. I used printable sticky canvas, beeswax, old dictionary papers, stickers, and some real bullet casings to create this.

The pictures are not the greatest, but this is hanging in a very narrow stairwell at about 6 feet high. Why that high? Because right after I gave it to my dad, he walked upstairs, grabbed a hammer and a nail, and put the canvas on the wall. And he stands at 6 feet tall, so to him, it is perfect height. And his reaction to the gift meant to me that I had done good. ;)


  1. Oh my word. Can I tell you I sympathize with you.. for real? We went through this a few years ago at our old apartment/condo, and I know it was NOT fun. We had a huge dehydrator/dryer fan going for like a week, and had our vinyl flooring and cabinets all replaced. (((hugs))) Is it all cleared up (well, dried I guess) now?

    Love the canvas! I'm not surprised that your dad loves it!

  2. I actually saw this (and touched this) when I visited Auntie over Thanksgiving last year. It is great. I think I spent a good 8 minutes examining it. I loved the color and texture of it. Something I would have never thought of doing.

  3. love your dad and his hanging technique, since i'm tall also, great design