Wednesday, May 4, 2011

KISS Wednesday- Simple Color Combo

For this first KISS Wednesday, I am going to use a simple color combination. While my personal style tends to be busy and very colorful, I believe you can make beautiful creations by simplifying your methods. For this week, I decided to limit myself to only using five colors on the layout-- black, kraft, white, red, and yellow.

I started by pulling everything that fit that description from my stash. I had the page design in mind and selected a stack of things that could possibly work. If there was any of other color than one of my five on the embellishment, I did not choose it. After I selected my pieces, I picked out photos. I pulled photos much the same way as I pulled embellishments. I used the stack of already printed pictures and pulled ones that 1) would work well as is with my color scheme and 2) were photos of people I don't scrap often. When I was done I had about five pictures that I thought could possibly work.

For the page I cut and 11"x11" square from the center of the kraft paper, laid the red scalloped Bazzill paper over the cut, and put the smaller piece of kraft in the center of the Bazzill to create the look of a red frame. Then I laid out the embellishments along the bottom. Once I got the basic scheme, I tried the different photos. Now, this process may seem kind of backwards, but it does work for me when I have an idea for a layout that isn't photo specific.

I decided on the picture of my brother and sister-in-law. It couldn't be a more perfect photo for this layout, as they are dressed in the perfect colors and it is such a lovely photo of them. Once I had the picture, I was then able to add the calendar page behind them and adjust some of the embellies to be more specific, such as adding the "h" sticker to the the black polka dot button and adding the squares of stamped paper behind some of the embellies. I also added the measuring tape ribbon and the title at this point, basing both solely on the photo. My sister-in-law was about 4 months pregnant with their first child so I cut the ribbon off at 9 and tried a few titles to convey what I saw in this photo.

By keeping my color combo simple, I was able to create this layout quickly and still be really happy with it.


  1. Oh this layout is simple alright.....simply awesome!
    What a neat way to pull everything together! Thanks for sharing your thought process through this one.

  2. So pretty! Love your "simple" LO!

  3. I totally agree with Courtney. I loved reading your thought process as to how you arrived at such a really cool lo. The colors and placement of things is just ideal. Looks like I'm going to love your KISS days too.

  4. I agree, the picture is perfect, and what a nice topic to scrap. Great job "keeping it simple"! :)