Monday, May 16, 2011

Random Five- Indulgences Right Now!

Hello, readers. Here are my Random Five for Monday, this time with my current indulgences.

1. Starbucks Peanut Butter Chocolate Mini Cupcakes-- OH! Heaven!!!

2. The smell of coconut and the reminder that summer is closer today than it was yesterday...I think...

3. Watching the finals of Dancing with the Stars. So NOT a reality show person, but I love to watch people boogie!

4. Thinking about Chris Hemsworth in Thor. All I can say, "hubba-hubba!"

5. Last, but certainly not least, spending time with the two new furbabies in my life.

What have y'all been up to?


  1. Why did you have to show me those cupcakes?!
    I'm currently loving:
    1. Mc Donald's strawberry lemonade
    2. my solar powered dancing flower that I purchased from Dollar Tree
    3. my Etta James CD
    4. heart to heart talks with DS
    5. stolen kisses from SO

  2. Hi Lora,

    That coconut looks good! I don't eat gluten so have an extra one for me.

  3. I'm so happy I visited your blog today. I'm following Hugs!