Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday's Random 5

So today is more like random four, BUT two of those are projects. I was going to do a post called "random two in blue," but I snapped these cute kitty pictures today, so I just had to add them and that kicked it up to four. I suppose my fifth random thing could be a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my mom. If it wasn't for her, there is a lot that wouldn't be, including, but not limited to, me. Okay, on with the show!

First, this is a layout of a really good friend. As you can tell, the Hubsters has been friends with her since w-a-y back in the day. (Seriously, when were skinny ties in?) Anywho, she is one of the awesome additions I got by default when the Hubsters and I got married.

I wanted to keep it simple because the Anna Griffin patterned paper is just about all the pop! this layout needed. The Pink Paislee Artisan Elements are colored with a Copic marker and have a little bit of bling added. Here is a close up of the title and journaling. Oh, and that skinny tie!

Those are of course, Thickers. Shocking, isn't it? So I must have been in a blue mood, but in a good way, because the next layout I finished featured it as well, this time with one of my all time favorite subjects to photograph.

There's another butterfly! Seriously, do you use things in your creating that under normal circumstances you tend to avoid? I am not a butterfly person, per se, but I have been using them frequently. Maybe that is because Jenni Bowlin makes great ones. So, this layout is about my niece playing on her great-grandma's headstone. While Cady-bird did not get to truly meet her G.G., I hope that I can share enough memories with her and Lily-bee as they grow so that they will know her.

The final line in the journaling is that I can hear my Grandma saying that Cady playing here and me taking photos is alright. I had some mixed feelings about this moment and these pictures, but I truly heard her say it was all okay and that is why I had to scrap it. I am not sure why Cady chose Grandma's stone to play on, as there were a number of other ones that I and my family were showing interest in, but she did and it again shows me that children see things that us adults miss. I am not entirely sure Cady was playing alone.

Now onto my other two randoms of this Monday. I continue to adjust to life with fur-babies. They are funny and their personalities have completely surprised me. The one I expected to be shy is in fact the extrovert and a bit of a trouble maker, which should come as no surprise since she is the one who adopted the Hubsters, who is a mischievous soul himself and the one I expected to be dominant, is in fact, a scaredy cat.

This is Lotus Chief and I swear she will be the end of me. There are times I can literally see her plotting and I wonder if she is plotting my demise. If she could only figure out how to work the can opener, I would be useless.

One of these things is not like the other one.... Every time I see this picture, I think of that jingle. The Hubsters left just a smidge of the closet door open and I went into a panic because I couldn't find General Fuzzface. Then I saw the opening and viola! there she was. Silly kitty.


  1. Cute photos of the kitties, and I love your layouts! The use of the vellum is great, and I really like that die-cut paper on the second. :)

  2. Awwwww kittehs!!!! Blue, green and yellow - love that mix!