Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday's Featured Artist- Amber D.

Or, as I like to call her, Bams, but you must get her permission before you call her Bams. See, Bams and I go WAY back. Like to 1984. When she was born. Yep, no kidding, I have known her that long. Crazy, right? Well, not really when you consider she IS my cousin. BUT, do not begin to think that my feature of her has anything to do with partiality, (okay, well, maybe a little bit), because honestly, this girl is talented.

Amber is a college student and a mother to two adorable handfuls of kid energy. She is a wife, a sister, an aunt, and a friend. She has a great sense of humor based in much sarcasm, (my native tongue), and a unique sense of style, which she can rock out in her thrift store and vintage finds.

Amber has a true eye for beauty and that is reflected in her photography. There are a lot of people out there who can take pictures. They go to school, practice, etc. Then there are those individuals who have a gift within to be able to see the perfect shot. Amber is one of those people.

Amber can also manipulate photos into fantastical images. She surprised me by taking a picture of me and turning it into this:

Her graphic designs for her Alice in Wonderland altered book were so amazing to me that I could literally stare at them for hours. For instance, this one with the white roses painted red and the Rabbit Hole that Alice tumbled into.

Or how about simply her art? Yes, along with all of this, Amber is an artist. She has an amazing ability to draw not only what she sees, but what she sees in her heart and mind. This is something she has always been able to do. I remember her drawing a perfect Garfield for our grandmother when she like five years old. 

I love the Walrus! He is amazing to me. Drawing is not something I do well, so to see someone else be able to just sketch something out that isn't stick figures always impresses me. And, honestly makes me a little jealous. 

Take a moment to check out Amber's blog, The Secret Life of an Artist, if you have a chance. She is constantly coming up with new things to show and inspire with. 


  1. Thanks for making me cry yet again jerk lol. Jk. Thank you for you lovely words. As if I needed more stroking to my ego. I was having one of "those" days today where everything I touched turned into a flaming wadded up ball of recycle bin food. Thanks for the shout out. I appreciate it. It comes a lot coming from you Lola. I so draw a lot of inspiration from you and I'd have never discovered the joy and magic that is altered book making if it had not been for you. I'm trying to reply to your most flattering post via my phone which doesn't like blogger very much so I hope it goes through. Your an angel, even if your horns are propping up that halo and your tail is clearly visible. Much love and thanks once more. Keep on creating.

  2. Those are beautiful pictures! I adore the one of you with the wings. Very cool! I've always been in awe of people who could draw; it's very much a God given talent.

    BTW....Glad to know that someone else out there speaks sarcasm too; we must be kindred spirits, indeed. :)

  3. Beautiful work, Amber! Love your blog, too!
    Lora, I see artistic talent is something your family shares freely!