Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday's Finish!

Whew! It feels good to get things off of the "Please Finish Me" list. I started this pair of silhouettes for my aunt back in May and just couldn't get the right touches to finish them and send them off to her. Ah, but finally, I have.

They started as two white ceramic discs that could be hung up. It was a stroke of genius that I realized if I added duct tape to the ceramic base, it would make it more easy to decorate. I am not sure if you have ever tried to paint or decorate a piece that has already been fired, but it is a pain in the tush. My aunt has a thing for zebra, so this was the logical choice in my mind.

Then I added the burlap and printed the silhouettes on sticky back canvas. I picked a boy and a girl cause as life would have it, my aunt has a boy and a girl. It was the back piece that I struggled with until I remembered I had a Cricut and I can cut pieces to size.

I deconstructed a record album cover for the scalloped circle, painted it, Rock Candy crackle painted it, and then Walnut Stain inked it. I also re-colored some of the beads from the hanging wire to make them more fitting for the color scheme.

Funny, now that I am looking at them, I think they need feathers....

See my dilemma with trying to finish things?

Have a great weekend!!!


  1. I love these. i seriously need to make a "finish me" list. MAYBE I'd get some things done. Right now... head of my list is get organized. There is no room around here for me to do anything.

  2. Looks cool! Did you use zebra print duct tape? I really like the silhouettes on burlap!

  3. Raelly cool, Lora. And what a great mix of textures!

  4. i wish i was talented enough to make these goodies!! super cute :)