Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A technique tute on Tuesday!

As promised, here is my loose glitter fix. Well, it isn't actually mine, since I got the idea from Natasja Verbeek, but this is how I do it.

Gather your supplies: tray, Gluber, loose glitter.

Peel off one side of the film from the Gluber and pour the glitter over the circle. *Note-- you do not need to cover all of it. Just get a nice amount down.*

Use your finger to spread the glitter around the Gluber. This is why you don't need to totally cover it to begin with. You can always add more. While you are spreading it with your finger, push the glitter into the Gluber. This will help it not flake later.

As my niece says, "Da-Da!" While this trick doesn't completely eliminate the mess of working with loose glitter, (seriously, I still had it all over myself, but maybe that is just me), it does cut down on the flaking once on the project.

At this point, you can brush off the excess. I was pretty rough with mine, using my fingers to rub the Gluber to remove as much extra as possible before peeling it from the backing and sticking it on my project. Also, while it looks like there are spots I missed, the Gluber is covered and once adhered, any light spots disappear.

So, as I laid in bed on Saturday night, I was thinking about how cool this turned out and what else I could do with Glubers when inspiration struck! I had to force myself to remain in bed and wait until morning to try my idea.

If a Gluber works so well with glitter, then how would it do with micro beads? I have always loved the look of micro beads, but the idea of trying to adhere them gave me nightmares, so the jar sat on my shelf, taunting me.

Haha! No more!

I used a 2" circle punch to match the size of the Gluber, punched an image from the paper, and followed the same process as above.

Again, rub those little boogers into the Gluber to make sure they stay. It can take more abuse than you might think.

Oooh, pretty!!! At this point, I am literally doing my "I am a genius" dance. If you have never seen it, you are totally missing out.

I know, I know! I even made a card! I was thinking how cute would these be as centers for larger Glubers that you make into flowers? I tried it but they were way too big for the card.

Get out the loose glitter and micro beads, my friends. The time has come to make them earn their keep!


  1. Wow, I really love the micro beads! Gives everything a sugar-coated yummy-ness!
    Oh, and I totally want to see your "I'm a genius" dance!

  2. This is a really cool technique - thanks for sharing! And I love your blog background!

  3. Ok, you've been holding out on me. Next time we skype you need to show me that genius dance! LOL

    Thanks for the tute. Love what you did with the micro beads. I've never used those either but once I get my hands on some of those glubbers, those beads will finally get some use!

  4. And this card is much appreciated... and makes me feel like a failure. I have it hanging next to the "Alice" card you sent me months ago, up on my peg board. Where I keep all my inspiration and ideas pegged. Thanks so much... and now I know your secrets...