Monday, August 8, 2011

Summer Moments

Summer is my favorite time of year. I love the warmth, wearing tank tops and shorts, it staying light longer. One thing I am not necessarily a fan of is ice cream. I know, I should have warned you to sit down before I dropped that bomb, right? I don't care for ice cream, it generally gives me a tummy ache. With the exception of ice cream from Thrifty's. Now there are no Thrifty's that I know of in existence, but thankfully their buyer, Rite Aid, has kept some of its stores with an ice cream counter where you can get some of the original Thrifty ice cream flavors. Now they also have some "new" flavors, like the caramel apple one they offered the other day, which if you ask me should have been called "Shrek Boogers and Toe Jam" cause that is what it looked like to me, BUT they do still have my all time favorite, Chocolate Malted Krunch.

I snapped these photos back in June. I was so surprised and excited to find this at the local Rite Aid, I just had to commemorate it with pictures and a layout. You see, I remember from the beginning of Lora's Memory, going to Thrifty's and getting an ice cream with my grandma. I can remember when I was finally allowed to have two scoops instead of just one. It was finally decided I was mature enough to handle two, my second choice being the brownie one, and I felt SOOO grown up.

This is the first layout I have done since the beginning of July. Sad, I know. I must have been going through layout withdrawal, cause I even journaled!!!

I used Basic Grey papers, AC Thickers, a random mess of embellies, and my new Stampin' Up! doily stamp with Versamark ink to create the resist on the kraft paper. I even pulled out the Cricut for that blue die cut peeking from the corner.

I would love to hear what reminds you of summer? Running in the sprinklers? The sound of the ice cream truck?


  1. Yummy ice cream! Gorgeous LO!

  2. What a cute, happy layout. I've never heard of Thrifty's ice cream nor have I seen it in Rite Aid. I'll have to take a closer look the next time I'm in a Rite Aid. I like the stamping and how you echoed it with the yellow doily. Nice summery colors, too.

    When I was a kid on those hot summer days, my friend's dad would bring out the sprinkler cap for the fire hydrant and it would become an instant party with everyone coming out to play in the cold water in the street. At 9 pm Mr. Softee (the ice cream truck) would come around and you'd see kids running to get money. Whenever I hear the chime music of the Mr. Softee truck, I think back to my childhood.

  3. Great use of the doily stamp! That is one of my absolute favorite stamps. I've never heard of Thrifty ice cream either. I'm feeling sad for you that ice cream usually gives you a tummy ache! I love me some ice cream. Is it the lactose in conventional ice cream, or something else? Have you ever tried coconut ice cream? Yum!

  4. I was all set to start looking to see if I have that doily paper, then I realized it was a stamp! Love how the Thickers pop on it! Very cool!

  5. hmmm, what says summer to me. Well, since I live in Eugene I feel summer is in the room when the rain is no longer bone chilling but is warm and comfortable, refreshing and makes the pavement smell amazing.

    Summer is maxi dresses, sandals, tanning on the beach and yard-sailing. I too remember thrifities ices cream, dad took me and I'd get pistachio. I'm not a huge fan of ice cream either. I'd rather go with an iced coffee or a smoothie.

    Drive in theaters always said summer for me. And camping.