Tuesday, August 9, 2011

"She..." series Part I

This book features quotes about empowering women. I was directed to the book by Elizabeth Kartchner on her Dear Lizzy blog and have since decided that it is something that every female I know should have. It was while thumbing through the book that I hit inspiration to do a series of layouts based on the quotes featuring pictures of the women in my life.

I started with an idea and a white sheet of 12x12. I used my clear Sakura Glaze pen to write a secret message on the page.

Its there, I promise. The Glaze pen works like a resist in a way. Let me tell you though, clear ink on white paper is a pain on the eyeballs. While I was working, I had a special helper.

Her job? Keeping me thoroughly entertained with her attempts to hide and to kill the ribbon attached to my distressing tool.
What do you mean this space isn't for me? It is obviously the perfect size!

Her other job was to be where I least expected her to be when it was time to put stuff away. Remember the secret message?

I had totally planned for this to be pinks and blues! Funny how you can start with a plan and then the creative just takes over.

I love how the Glaze resisted most of the paint. I did have to wipe the excess off with a paper towel, but I can see using this technique with other Glaze colors.

Another mess of embellishments at the base of the log. I made the log with sticky back canvas that I painted and then stamped the wood grain on. Cady's wings are from Pink Paislee's butterfly stickers. I had to sacrifice two butterflies for them but it was worth the cost. The little red and orange mushroom? Those are flat backed glass pieces that I found at a local stained glass store. Cute, huh?


  1. Very cool technique! I'm gonna have to try this! It gives a very arsty kind of look!

  2. I love this book! Its one of my favorites! Great Technique, beautiful layout!