Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Home Sweet Home

So I am going to do my best to post even though Blogger seems to be having some trouble.

I woke up to this beauty the other morning. I have been trying to grow an orchid for at least five years and I have never succeeded in getting one to bloom, but that stops here! Can you see those other buds? Oh yeah, those are four more waiting to show their glory!

This is what my desk looked like, (still looks like), while I was creating today. I totally wipe out any surface. But it is all in good fun. This is what I was putting the finishing touches on:

The other project from the second Tim Holtz class that I took a week ago. This is a canvas with pieces of his paper stash stacks adhered and then covered with beeswax. I decided to make mine into a house complete with windows to the people who live there.

See the man on the left? He is actually in love with the lady over on the right. Unfortunately, it is unrequited as the lady desire is obviously in love with the man in the window with her.

Here is another inhabitant peeking from her window. See the little girly on the pig underneath the window? That was a found piece from the stacks shared with me by my BFF, Daniela.

I loved the boy and his dog and his little bro peeking out of the ornate window to the left. Oh, and as a little bit of tongue in cheek, I used the floral patterned paper for the triangle under the rulers. It is flowers in the attic. ;P


  1. Congratulations on getting your orchid to bloom! Thanks for sharing your cool house.

  2. Very nice project, Lora! Something like this - in paper form- would totally rock on a layout. You can never be too lumpy!!!

  3. What a lovely orchid, so delicate and beautiful. Congrats on getting it to bloom. I can't wait to see it when they all bloom.

    V.C. Andrews would be pleased with your flowers in the attic; very clever. I loved her books.

    Your piece is just wonderful. So much detail and special touches. Excellent job with that adorable house.

  4. Nvr in a million years would I have thought about doing something like your little house. But guess what... I just might now lol. Better yet I might incorporate a similar idea I JUST had into the altered book I'm working on.

  5. Beautiful Orchid! I have 4 of them and they are so easy to grow once they find the right spot in your home! Enjoy the ones coming!
    Love this house! Am trying to do some of the Tim Holtz look things, new to this for sure. Am doing my first altered book; will be a Halloween book. Found you on youtube. Thanks for the great video on cutting out a section.
    Thanks Marcie

  6. Very pretty orchid, Lora! My mom had literally hundreds of them at one point. I used to be dragged to orchid shows and growers all over and to different states. :)

    What a cool looking house. I love that you added windows to it. Are you going to be hanging it on the wall?

  7. Congrats on your blooming orchid! I have such a black thumb....if a plant requires me to water it, it's doomed. Therefore, it's outside perennial gardens for me!
    Your house is just plain fabulous! Love all the details, the story you have to go with it and yes, even the flowers in the attic!