Friday, December 18, 2009

Finally broke through!

In case you haven't noticed with all the silence, I have been mojo-less. Not sure if it was the traveling, the illness, the end of the term, or all the above, but I was like a creek bed in the dead of an Arizona summer for about the last month and a half. Then I did make two gifts for friends and completely forgot to photograph them. But I think I have broke through to the other side. I made 20 Christmas cards, a mini book, and covered my 25 Days of Christmas album all in the last two days! Not too shabby, I would say. So here is the cover of the Christmas card. Can't show the inside yet because it is a surprise to those getting these in the mail.

Tomorrow I will post some pictures of the mini, but not too many because it is a gift too, though I don't think the recipient peeks in on me here.


  1. Oh that is a great idea for a card. My daughter's Godmother is a big Mickey fan, she would love that card. Again, good thinkin' kiddo.

  2. I have been feeling the same way. I am glad you are back and the card is darling!

  3. hey lora!
    those are cute - can't wait to see the inside!!
    sorry i didn'tmake it over to PPop before the 15th to say goodbye - just soo soo busy around here getting ready for christmas! i'm so happy i got to meet you and design with you for a bit!
    BUT i have you in my reader now so I'll get to keep up with you and your creations still!
    have a merry christmas!!