Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Happy first day of December, everyone!! So I can finally post this layout. I have been hanging onto it for almost two months, but it was created for a challenge over at Scrap Street magazine and I didn't want to publish it until I was sure they weren't going to pick it up. They didn't, so here it is. The challenge was to create a layout that was monochromatic and I instantly went to all white. I pictured the top of Grandma's dresser, with lace and sparklies, and pearls. In the center is my beautiful niece, Cadence, looking like the angel she is. (Yes, I am partial, but look at the picture. You can see why I am partial.) I added the little gossamer bag at the bottom which contains charms such as a music note and a ring. I journaled why each charm is included and what I feel it represents to Cadence, such as the music note- I hope that she always has music in her life and dance in her step.

This has to be one of my favorite layouts ever. I love the layering, the details, and the essence of colors, or lack of in this case. Thanks for looking!


  1. I can see why it's one of your favorites! The details and all the beautiful embellies are amazing. I just love that pompom trim!!

  2. Lora, your layouts are just gorgeous!! I'm loving perusing your blog - so much eye candy!! :)

  3. Lora, this is so beautiful! Cadence definitely looks like a little angel, especially in your layout. Thanks for stopping by my blog on the hop!