Wednesday, December 23, 2009

One more mini down!

So I have finished* the third mini I planned to make for a Christmas gift. There is a very special lady in my family, one who is not blood or even marriage related to any of us, but she still loves us like we are. I wanted to let her know how much I really appreciate her choosing my family to share her beauty with. I used a kit from my incredibly talented friend, Daniela, at The Art Life. The kit was full of Jenni Bowlin papers and one of my favorite Maya Road albums. The brown, red, yellow, and green color scheme is perfect.

I wanted each member of the family to have a message in the book, so I created separate 2 part tags for each one of us. The first part is a place where we will write what our special family member means to us and the second part is a photo of the author, which I laminated and put together with a bad so it could spin in case the person's message needed to be carried over to the back.

I used the pages of the album to either be a pocket to hold the personalized tags or to be a full picture of the family. 

Hopefully on Christmas morning, she will have a small idea just how important she is to everyone of us and that without her our lives wouldn't be as beautiful.

*it still needs the messages added, but technically speaking, it is finished. ;P

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  1. this is SO Lovely ! Love the slots in the album. So glad to have chanced upon your blog !