Monday, December 21, 2009

On the cover...

As promised, here is the cover for my 25 Days of Christmas album. For those of you who had this done in November, shush! ;-P Yes, this is as far as I have got, but I have quite a bit of down time this week and I am pretty sure I will get caught up. I am planning to use the KISS rule for the inside pages, hoping that will help the flow.

Call me slow, but I also realized this morning that the perfect place to photograph things is placed on a package in front of the Christmas tree! 


  1. Very lovely! Those letters are so cute! :-)

  2. Ok, that's pretty smart! I'm going to start photographing my stuff on top of a package now! Great looking album cover!

  3. Of course I love that album and those letters look great. Nice mixture of colors. Yes, KISS and a great idea.