Friday, February 26, 2010

Look what is blooming!

I am on a total flower kick right now. Last night wasn't as productive as the night before, though I did get some more reading about Dewey the Library Cat done, but I revisited the flower making. First was more of the organza type, only this time in rust and champagne tones.

I really love these, have I mentioned that? I need more practice, there is actually a fine art to the melting process. I also need to find more old necklaces with beads that are strung. I went to some estate/garage sales this morning in hopes of finding some, but another girl got to those goodie bags before me and bought all of them. :(

My second set of flowers are torn paper flowers. I like how grungy they are and are completely different from the organza blooms. I pulled out some scraps and went to town.

I have some more flower ideas that I would like to try. Maybe tonight. Then again, maybe not. We shall see.


  1. Love the flowers Lora!! The first ones are so cool, I love the colors. And the 2nd set, I love the rough edges, the torn look is great!!

  2. Holy cow! You made those first ones? Those are amazing! Love them! And the torn ones are very cool, too. Great colors!

  3. I cannot wait until garage sale season, because I really want to make those organza flowers!! The ones you made are GORGEOUS!! Wow!

  4. I am totally digging your flowers cuz and so thankful u posted them. I have a big un-needed pile of organza and denim colored cottony fabric in the back of my closet. I think I know what I shall do with it now.